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Thread: Aviation Thread.

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    They are used as reference points, in connection with the horizo, by the pilot during aerobatic manoeuvres

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    Thanks Bazg2. Lot much in this year's Bray line up unfortunately. No fast jets. Birr will have the Strikemasters in August, though.

    One of the acts that I'm interested in seeing at Bray is the electric powered Cri Cri aircraft which will launch in mid air from atop another aircraft.
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    Yeah I saw that listed alright, I thought it might be cool to see, but then I saw a pic of it....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazg2 View Post
    Yeah I saw that listed alright, I thought it might be cool to see, but then I saw a pic of it....
    Ahh, it's something a bit different. Cri Cri is tiny, so hopefully they'll be in close enough to the beach! I was supposed to be heading off this morning for some fast jet photography but it fell through last minute . Hopefully I'll get a chance later this year to get something from the Eastern Blok.

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    Picked this up this evening on Flightradar24 - didn't know they picked up military/defense jets? When I saw the graphic I thought it was a Concord!
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    Can't see it now, what was it?

    This site doesn't filter military out like flightradar.

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    It was a dornier -

    A lot of activity lately around San Diego, zoom in there and you will see them

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    Irish Air Corps signed a contract today for 2 Airbus /CASA C-295 to replace the current Casa CN-235's in the Maritime patrol role.

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