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Thread: Oct...sorry...Backroads Spotters Thread.

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    Oct...sorry...Backroads Spotters Thread.

    Recent Spots : A place called Cummings of Bodmin, Cornwall.

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    Good work I was thinking of getting this thread going again.
    I have lots of random spots on my phone. Must get them up

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    Here is a recent one...

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    Spotted this rather odd garage over in the UK a few weeks back...

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    Wowzers, that is amazing - as in the AC GT Zagato. Is that the only one in existence?

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    I don't think there are too many of them!!

    Here's another one of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VetteD View Post
    Here is a recent one...

    That's lovely, didn't realise AC had a newer model out.

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    That's a beaut Germaniks. What is it - Tatra or similar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -alan- View Post
    That's a beaut Germaniks. What is it - Tatra or similar?
    Tatra according to Motorcheck, I just spotted it 30mn ago in Dublin
    I had not a clue until I ran the reg...

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