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Thread: The DoneDeal Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazg2 View Post
    It's nice but what makes it 20k nice??
    I was thinking the same.. does seem saucy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiser View Post
    I know of an M6, same year, similar miles, going for a lot less..

    Theres been cheap M6s on Donedeal for months. The V10 just doesn't seem to make the questionable styling any more marketable.

    That particular M5 seems to be really well specced and has a lot of important work done. Was for sale for a few months for a lower price with some of the same pictures aswell. It's also 110,000 miles not km. But regardless, it should be a good buy considering the maintenance.

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    I'd say even if I got an M6 for free I still couldn't afford it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloke View Post
    I'd say even if I got an M6 for free I still couldn't afford it!
    The S85 motor is very high maintenance. There's multiple good reasons its so much cheaper to pick up an E60 M5 over the same era's M3.

    If I was in the market for super saloon IRO 15k I'd look at the CLS 55 or the e38 M5, couple of nice E 55's on Done Deal as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazg2 View Post
    It's nice but what makes it 20k nice??
    As with any car, it’s worth what someone is willing to pay. However, when looked at in the light of the current massively inflated classic car prices, I believe the MK1 RS looks cheap. The base model was considered a game changer in terms of what could be expected from a mid-range hatch. It had an exceptional chassis, and, I think most would agree, looked fairly good. I’d add it still looks good today.

    The RS took this up a notch then with a wider track, subtle spoilers, and a funky interior. The engine at 212bhp seems underwhelming in modern terms, but you have to remember that’s what the civic and integra type Rs of that era were putting out.

    The RS was massively desirable amongst my generation growing up and lot of these people are now hitting their 40s and coming into money. Couple this with its relative rarity - a bit over 4000 cars, it’s reliability and ease of maintenance, I could easily see these cars make multiples of this by the time the next recovery and bubble is at its bubbliest.

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    One of these sold at the NEC auctions last weekend for £21k sterling. As mentioned above they were a poster car for Ford fans of a certain generation. Back in 2003 when I was impressing the young wans with hand brake turns in my 1.4 focus I would have given my right nut for one of these. Unfortunately I am now in a position where my wife would probably take both my nuts if I arrived home with this An investment opportunity for anyone with the funds to spare

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    Looks wise these are my favourite Focus RS models,it just looks great.

    As you said Derek one sold at the weekend with just over 37k miles for nearly £21k.

    There seems to be a bit of a difference in the way different cars drive,some can be a bit wayward while others are a lot better.

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    Interesting, I'm basing my comment on every other hot hatch of that era being worth very little nowadays. I thought it was 90's stuff that was appreciating...
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    I think RS Fords are a special case . They have a huge following. The Sierra Cosworth was probably the last RS that dropped to shitter type prices. The Escort Cossie for example never really dipped too much lower than 10K I think - or if it did it wasn't for long. The Mk1 Focus, to me, isn't as desirable as the Sierra or Escort but I do like them and I think prices will only go one way. As for the later RS's - not sure about what will happen to those. They went a bit lardy in the Mk 2 which I think is a huge looking ugly car.

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