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Thread: Tyre reviews

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    I have Goodyear Eagle F1 Super Sports on the Mrs Golf, I rate them highly for subjective feel and no issues with grip. We had Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres on it before that, and they are good for grip but lack the feel of the Goodyear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miller View Post
    Hows your feelings on them now? Much more mileage into them since this post? I rated the F1's on my E28 but the 340i will be another kettle of fish!!
    Still happy with them overall. Think there is 3k on them now.

    In sport with traction control on and flooring it they will break loose in first and second no problem. I don't know if I have had the chance to try them on a hot dry road but then there is 830Nm of torque being sent to them so not a valid test really.

    Ride is good but I think they are quiet soft. I notice that when the car has been parked for a week and when I take it out I can feel a very faint vibe on the motorway. After about 30 mins it's fine. Could be my imagination or it could be that they flat slightly when parked with 2,300 kg sitting there. Perhaps a little bit too much side wall flex, fronts are 255 55 R19 and the turn in can be a little slow but when it goes it's very stable and just works. The active suspension might be a factor here as it could be reacting to keep the car flat and loading the tire more but what do I know. A LWB S- Class isn't really a backroad scalpel.

    It hasn't been out for the last two weeks in the real greasy stuff we have had lately but don't think any tire will perform great.

    So in terms of bang for your buck I'd say they could be one of the best out there. They give me enough confidence to push fat and lardy Dumbo on. High speed motorway slips are sure footed and very stable. Don't know about wear but I'd say regularly hammering away from lights and out of bends in Dumbo might see them off sharpish.
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    I got 2 Michelin Super Sport fitted yesterday to the FR in McManus tyres on the Marsh Road in Drogheda. 225/40/18 XL €250, which I think is a decent price. They replaced some middle ground Goodyear tyres which were absolutely dire in the wet.

    Loving the Michelin so far. They've a much better rim protector, nowhere near as much road noise as the Goodyears, lovely turn in, even in the damp. Very happy with them and it'll be interesting to see how they wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevC View Post
    How do you find the AS5? I'm torn between them and the PS4. I'm looking at 17s too but 205/40.
    Just to update this, ended up going with Michelin PS4. Can't really say why I choose them over the Goodyear other than I've always wanted them and they're a fantastic looking tyre. Have done very little driving on them having only fitted them on the 23rd December. They are certainly firmer than the Rainsports though.
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    Anyone got any decent places for Michelin PS4S'sssss at the moment?

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    i got a pair of 17's for 100 each off eiretyres recently .

    As for he rest of this tread just lock it and rename title to PUT PS4s ON EVERYTHING

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    There is such a thing as too much grip, just sayin....

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    I got two front PS4s (235-35-19) for 204 each fitted from tyreland. They were the cheapest and quickest avilability for me in early December
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcos_94 View Post
    I got two front PS4s (235-35-19) for €204 each fitted from tyreland. They were the cheapest and quickest avilability for me in early December
    I got two in the same size back in September I think it was for €180 fitted in Daltons in Portlaoise.
    Now this was for a Golf R so maybe they are rated different for an M3.

    Blackcirlces have them now for €174 fitted at your nearest fitting partner which is probably as good as you will get.

    EDIT Looks like blackcircles are temporarily out of business here now as well, they have the below notice on the banner of their homepage
    As of 22/12/2020, we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend services in the Republic of Ireland until Brexit legislation is agreed and we are able to meet any new requirements. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause"
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    Went pricing around for tyre fitting last week- quoted as high as 25 a corner. Found a place in Navan TyreHunter - 15 for 15s

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