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Thread: The YouTube Thread.

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    How's the RF100A?

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    Only saw this tonight
    "Listen to no one but me!" - Some Honda Lotus Driver

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    Okay, I know it's not a car but anyone say skillz?

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    Mad mike in his bat**** crazy 4 rotor Rx-7 drifting Crown range in New Zealand.
    It clear it wasn't all done in one take, but who cares? Its 3 minutes of that mental engine going ballistic and spitting 10ft flames out the back on up shifts

    Contrast that with Tanner Foust drifting mulholland drive in one take in his 600Hp Scion

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    That is class Darragh
    How's the RF100A?

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    There exists a better (non-youtube) version however

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    This needs another airing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boris View Post
    This needs another airing

    DTM History
    One of the best racing compilation videos on d'tube. Dunno how many times I've watched that. Just brilliant

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