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Thread: The YouTube Thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markcro View Post
    Carzy Ruskys messing with cars

    You should check out some of the other crazy back street garage antics they get up to. Lunacy. An antidote to the polish of a lot of other stuff out there.

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    Not car related but worth a watch.
    When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take command.

    Very often that individual is crazy.

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    SOUP is back after a long hiatus with a great video!

    Getting some serious views

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    His subscribers base has exploded after that video.

    I could never figure out how he was only a 10k subscriber base for ages with the amount of work he’s done.

    It’s great to see it at the 27k Mark now. More power to him. Hopefully this will help with the other builds.

    739k views is a savage amount of view alright.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markb View Post
    SOUP is back after a long hiatus with a great video!

    Getting some serious views
    George has been posting videos all along to his patrons on Patreon by the way.

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    Stopped off to view this U boat at Birkenhead when bringing back my Fiat Coupe 16V a few years back.

    Here is the documentary that details its history, demise and recovery.

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    Buying a Luxobarge for a Grand. What could possibly go wrong? ..

    and the follow up video...

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    We all stood around in a circle naked, thrusting our clinched fists in the air screaming "Jap Power!!"

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