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Thread: Good News Thread

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    Finally got my Work Placement sorted for next Semester. There was two places I was particularly rooting for, I got turned down by one of them on the Friday even though I thought I'd done well in the interview. Interviewed for the second place yesterday and they rang me just before 4pm to offer me the position.

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    Been tagged , followed & pulled (One coming against who pulled a Uey&#128563 twice by the local boys in blue in the past 2 weeks, both cases perfectly civil , no drama or lecturing - just donít be takin the piss like 😁🤘!
    Checked who I was and asked about the car, how many horses, sounds great but take it handy leaving town.

    What a fcukin breath of fresh air, I kinda think the daftness of the abarth has something to do with it and had I still had the golfer or was in the Honda , Iíd have been given a talking too and probably perused for driving without due care🧐?

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    You reckon someone reported you? Or do you just drive like a hooligan everywhere

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    Kinda the latter unless Iím in the hybrid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by foyler View Post
    Kinda the latter unless Iím in the hybrid...
    Forgot to add when the 2nd fella checked the address - heís smiling away and says he heard itís the best breakfast in Ireland 😃
    Who told you that says I - read it in the paper he says.
    Not sure if he was looking for an invite but told him not to believe everything he reads in the papers😂!

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    The dinner isn’t bad either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foyler View Post
    Kinda the latter unless Iím in the hybrid...
    Cheers chief, in case you were wondering why I was calling Saturday, misses was stranded in your locale with a puncture in da big bus and needed some 💪🏻
    You did well to dodge the call😁😉

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    There's a surprising amount of Garda presence in that area actually. Which is a shame as it's peak hoonage territory. Maybe there's a correlation...

    And it is probably the best breakfast in the country and the dinner isn't far behind.
    I'm with the resistance

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    I hadnít really thought about it til now, thereís a couple of the female kind I was lucky to avoid....
    The gosafe vans are a lot more visible on 59 alright, maybe a response to the local campaign calling it a disgrace 😉!

    Hopefully thereíll be a happy ending to this interaction as Iím hosting a tree planting day with the local special needs kids in February and just heard the guards who went on another day out with them are tagging along!

    Needless to say thereíll be a fine BBQ & spread laid on, homegrown pork on tap & might even bake some donuts for the craic !
    both the Honda & fiat will be parked up somewhere prominent throughout and yes spins will be offered😎🤘

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