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Thread: Whatcha ridin'

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    Whatcha ridin'

    Quote Originally Posted by bloke
    You should really be in a bra and no knickers for the reflection pic Colm!
    I only do that when I'm selling my dresses on eBay....

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    Whatcha ridin'

    I have 3 bikes at the moment

    My mountain bike, a Cube Ltd Sl, fitted with Shimano XT.

    I have an old Terk 1000 that I use as a winter hack/turbo bike

    And I have my Sensa Lombardia 2012 (Full Ultegra), which is my baby. I love the bike and its a pretty rare sight to see as there arent many about being they arent a big name brand in the cycle world

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    Whatcha ridin'

    back to basics, loads of fun

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    Whatcha ridin'

    Cheap and cheerful , haven't ride it yet as fecked up the ankle .

    Need pedals , shoes , and the rest of the gear now as I've not ridden a bike since my teens .

    If I get into it again I'll buy a better bike then, but this will do for now as I bought it of a guy that used it only a couple of times for £470 .
    I drive way to fast to worry about cholesterol !

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    Whatcha ridin'

    PjC dropped this in on his way home from picking up his bike. It was a fortuitous Octane deal on Octane's last day of existence. Type 17 stuck a compact double on it for me this week so it's now a bit more compatible with the Wicklow terrain it's going to be used on.

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    Whatcha ridin'

    Wow - some fancy bikes here - never looked at this thread before as I was ashamed of what I was using - but at least now I have something decent even though it might be considered the 'Audi' of racing bikes - sorry road bikes. My Trek 1.2. I changed the pedals for the clip on cycling shoes I bought.

    I have done 165 miles on it since getting it last week - sorry about the pics its taken from the done deal advert.

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    Whatcha ridin'

    Bought this

    After selling this

    And this

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    Whatcha ridin'

    currently have one of these for general mucking about with the kids:

    (Have no pics so robbed this off google)

    Have a loan of a Giant racer (No pics) until this arrives.....

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    Whatcha ridin'

    Ha! I just bought the same LaPierre on Saturday.

    Great minds and all that.

    Have had a couple of spins out on this LaPierre and I have to say it is very good. Extremely easy to get up the hills. Now I just need to get my legs into some sort of shape.

    50k commute from next week.

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    Whatcha ridin'

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy Taxman
    Ha! I just bought the same LaPierre on Saturday.

    Great minds and all that.
    bet ya didn't get the same deal I got?!!! My bro-in-law sells specialist bikes and he's getting it in for me

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