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Thread: F**K Yeah Cutaways

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    F**K Yeah Cutaways

    I came acroos this tumblr page where a guy has uploaded some cutaway images
    always loved these
    Thought it may be of interest to some
    Cheers Colm
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    F**K Yeah Cutaways

    Just three pages so far. But nice find, thanks
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    F**K Yeah Cutaways

    One for you Del!

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    F**K Yeah Cutaways

    And as I searched for a Datsun Fairlady Z cutaway, the first pic that comes up in search is mine...weird.
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    F**K Yeah Cutaways

    I love all cut away drawings, probably the mechanical drawing background, anyway onwards with my Toyota fetish.


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    F**K Yeah Cutaways

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    F**K Yeah Cutaways

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    F**K Yeah Cutaways

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