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Thread: Motoring questions you are afraid to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crank_case View Post
    Was it a very blue color? Some white LEDs have a kinda blue tinge.
    Definitely not the blue tint from a white LED - this was a fully blue flashing light....

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    Stage 2 golf R here never get bored of the power but find myself needing/wanting it maybe less than 50% of the time still nice to have it when you want /need it. Although if Shane Ross gets his way...

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    Good question and I find myself moving away from just seeking more power whether it be dd or weekend hoonicle.

    Dmz is on the money , you do get used to 3-400 bhp but for me it’s more about how the power is delivered and put down is the key.
    Can 180-200 be enough , well of course if it’s in the right package.

    So there’s no right Answer really, if there’s. More value or fun to be had in used then ball away or likewise if it’s a last of the line na V8/10/12😁

    I’d be confident in this much - I’d say if you had a golfer for a couple of weeks and hopped back into the fiesta st, you’d be having more fun in the latter!

    If on the other hand you had to cross an alp or continent , golf is the tool for the job.
    Very little if anything will keep with them on an Irish backroad , esp a tuned dsg one!

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    With great power,
    Comes great responsibility.
    and possibly fuel bills!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by derekjohn View Post
    Could be wrong but my understanding of this situation is that a car can be driven to/from an NCT appointment without having current tax. In relation to insurance if the car is in your sisters name another person who is not the registered owner that holds a policy on their own car should be insured 3rd party, provided their policy covers driving other vehicles.
    Ya. I think so aswell.. But third party extension won't cover it. As its not taxed insured.. Can lads on trade policies drive it to the nct for me?

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    Great answers here. I think the way it delivers power is the big big thing. I mentioned Golf R but I wouldn't be particularly interested in that type of car right now, just that level of performance and up really. As I was saying in the hot hatch thread it's all about a nice revving engine for me that still has loads of low down torque. The 3.0 in the 156 is actually my idea of a perfect engine but the car itself is pretty old now so it's not really viable a daily driver. (The thought of crashing it into anything is actually horrifying). But my god, it's exciting when I get a chance to use the engine to its full potential. The noise and the way the revs build is pretty exhilarating. I don't think I'd ever get bored of it if it was in a more modern package.

    IrishTusc, that type of mix of performance like in the Giulia QV is exactly the type of car I'm talking about. Wild performance but also refinement. The fact you have that sort of power on tap but can only occasionally use it is the part I was wondering about. I guess there aren't many compromises with a QV though as even the tax isn't particularly high.

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    You can pretty much forget exciting and modern package. Everything is fairly dull turbo-charged flat torque curve fake sounding these days with far too much grip and with most feedback dialled out. Yes you will travel very quickly but so what? More power doesn’t really help. The only thing modern that I’ve driven of late that wasn’t like this was the BMW M2 Competition despite being turbo charged and fake sounding. But it is so hard riding that I’m not sure I could live with it day to day. Brilliant when on it, though. And not cheap.

    So I think your NA V8 idea is where it’s at. Or any NA six cylinder stuff. Much enjoyment to be had from revving out engines like that.
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    I may be about to put a deposit on something silly...

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    The odd week I get a bit annoyed about having to buy petrol for commuting mileage but I still couldn't deal with putting the m3 away this winter I'm enjoying it so much. I would say just go for it.

    The only thing is I find myself wanting more power sometimes. If the option to go above 400hp is there then take it. One thing is miss is being able to drive on the absolute door handles in an underpowered car. You simply can't do that over 200hp without being a danger on the road. Theres always a compromise though no matter what you drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by llcoolmac View Post
    I may be about to put a deposit on something silly...
    good stuff. Any older V8 has probably hit the bottom of its deprecation curve to offset what you spend on tax & maintenance.

    You do get used to the power but a few days 'holiday' in a normal car will make it feel fast again. As others have said the biggest frustration is finding the time and space to let it rip. I'm thinking of getting an older hot hatch in addition to the M2 for slower trills.

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