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Thread: Random Picture Thread

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    Ah c'mon - you can even see the photographer's GT6 in the background.

    (And if that wasn't there, there'd definitely have been a standard Hollywood-issue Porsche 356 of some description parked on-set, in shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by -alan- View Post
    I'd quite confidently hazard a guess the number of petrol stations in the US where you have a selection of muscle-cars driven by what looks like the BeeGees pulling up, with a bimbette then giving the air-scoop a quick polish on one while the other lads fuel up on any given day is.. precisely zero
    Pfft, have you seen how big the Detroit Woodward Cruise is every year?

    Granted, it's probably a WingaDinga fest these days, but still...

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    At first I was afraid....

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    ...I was petrified..

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    You've got my attention wtf is that, looks like a really ugly inbreeding program...
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