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  • I am under 18 - no swearing please

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  • I am between 18 and 25. I know what 'flossing' is

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  • I am 26-35. I know what the save icon in Word is

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  • I am 36-45. I had tapes.

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  • I am 46-55. I had vinyl. Actually I still do.

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  • I am over 56 - I can't find my teeth.

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Thread: How old are you?

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    How old are you?

    Just wondering - I suspect that kidz theze dayz don't join forums, and we're mostly working off legacy membership, but I was reading Mark's thread and I just wondered if we had many young members. Kaiser you don't count - you're weird.
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    I love a good Pole (sorry SJ just messing with you )

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    I had more Vinyl than tapes.... Still do...

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    OMG I am the oldest on here (so far). 60 this year but feel 25 so if your as old as you feel I am doing OK.

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    1987 think that means I'm 31.

    Also Facebook is great for finding out info quickly and specifically. It's poor for search through the history of post. Also they don't charge a membership fee on Facebook while so club/forums do. They (pay for clubs and forums) are fighting a losing battle already and then also cutting themselves.

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    Oh and also as the forum members average age increases so does there bank balance and there mentality to spending as such they have forgotten what it was to be broke and young.

    So the forum alienate those younger people/members the result being they will turn to Facebook for advice like 'take a intercooler from that car and a used turbo from this and their you go 400whp.'

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    I still have tapes and some vinyl....
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    A tad ghoulish but I wonder how many Octaners / Backroaders have passed away unbeknownst to us all. There's no real way of knowing is there, apart from a passing "Whatever happened to..."

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    This is very timely, I was musing the other day that we could do a lot more to make the forum more inclusive and attractive to younger members in particular. I agree with 22rabbitts on it being easy to forget being a penniless 20-something motorist.
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