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Thread: Humax box youtube issue?

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    Humax box youtube issue?

    I have a Humax box which I have been very happy with so far. But now a problem has arisen with the Youtube app. When I try to search using the grid of letters and I click on the first letter half of the letter grid disappears making it impossible to search for anything. Checked for updates but says no update available. Also tried powering it down etc but no luck.

    Any ideas ?

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    Got a message on our old (ancient) AppleTV thing a little while back saying that Youtube would no longer support the very early hardware from March of this year. Might be the case that your Humax box is similarly affected ?

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    Thanks for the suggestion but this has been happening for a few months now, just haven't really bothered trying to get to the bottom of the problem until now. I will probably try and contact Humax themselves but don't know if they offer support anymore for Freesat stuff.

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