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Thread: Teachers & the vaccine

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    I don't really get the point that the teachers unions are trying to make.

    Their argument seems to be that some of their members are older or have conditions that make them more vulnerable - so by changing the system to a primarily age based one wouldn't these people not get a vaccine sooner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foyler View Post
    Hey Ming , defending public servants here ( I know we all love bloke) , admitting to talking to strangers and enjoying same ....either someone’s hacked your account or you’ve had an empathy transplant but sure it’s good to see progress somewhere in a world of plus ca change!
    Don't worry normal pre-pandemic service will be resumed once we all have the Sputnik or whatever

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    I'm married to a teacher, now prinicpal. I have said it for years that I would not do what she did for 4 times her salary. I get proper annoyed when people start with the oh you get oodles of time off and are lazy etc Its like all walks of life, there are people that take the mick and there are proper grafters who work hard. Ive seen the lengths she will go to, to ensure kids are well prepped for exams.
    My wife would be in an at risk grouping aswell and I have never once heard her mention about "jumping" the q to be vaccinated. That doesnt mean she isnt apprehensive about having to go into a school full of young adults. Especially as DMZ says after being told how dangerous it is to be in closed spaces. The week before Easter she had 2 confirmed cases (the first in her school) and had to send 21 kids home as close contacts.

    On the flip side as a principal shes had threats of legal action from people against wearing masks and the damage that is being caused to some students due to them being made wear a mask.

    As some have said it suits the government for people to argue about other things and distract away

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    Unions sabre rattling during annual get together. I’m sure there are more pressing issues such as more SNAs, better buildings and smaller classes that could be discussed once again.

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    Would the teachers not spare a thought for all the essential retail workers who havent had any time away from the great unwashed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crank_case View Post
    This is it really, it's a weird dual standard. On the one hand, playdates will kill us all, but if we stick 25 kids in a classroom, it's magically ok because the virus is too cool to hang around schools.

    You gotta stick with the one story.

    Either vaccinate them or don't put them at unnecessary risk and continue with remote learning until then.
    Funnily enough, it's one of those rare occasions when I'd agree with the Unions - because of exactly the logic you describe Crank.

    When all of the debate was about 'R' numbers (remember ?) the argument was that that huge sacrifices had to be made to restrict a wide range of social and economic areas to give an acceptable net R figure across the country. Schools were known to be higher risk, but deemed a necessary one for a host of societal and longer term reasons. It's not reasonable to have expected the teachers to run the risk then, and for even longer than necessary now, when they were put on that particular 'front line' for the benefit of society as a whole. I think they've earned it.

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    it may have made sense to do that 6 months ago. does it make sense now with a few weeks to run on the school year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ming View Post
    Don't worry normal pre-pandemic service will be resumed once we all have the Sputnik or whatever
    It's good sh1t actually. I no longer have to check the time during the day, have an always-on connection and can monitor the activities of many Europeans without needing a device. Which means I can now see and monitor DMZ posting about his wife's car in real time. Every time I hook up directly to her Jag though the connection flakes out, and I have to revert to connecting to his iPhone for live activity tracking.

    It only takes a few hours before you stop turning around on the hour thinking somebody is speaking to you from behind. Musk and his neural-link equipped Tesla's ain't got nothing on this.
    Sorry, gotta go....

    " Узел человеческой Дуга́ - Победа-M20E4-АСУ-57 - отчет о состоянии дел "

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    Я рад познакомиться с товарищем. Мы будем править этим местом в честь нашей славной Родины

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