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Thread: 18 Garda cars heading south on M50 around 615pm today.

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    18 Garda cars heading south on M50 around 615pm today.

    Heading north on N11 from Bray and on to M50. By the time we got to Sandyford 18 Garda cars with flashing blues had passed us in other direction.

    Anybody know what was going on?

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    Chasing a white E class, she got caught in Ballymun, vids doing the rounds on WhatsApp.

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    A influencer young wan took em on a chase in her merc bought with less than legal means.
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    Probably this

    (Sorry for the gript link!)

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    That's weird. I was in Carrigtoohill on the way to Cork at around 12.30 today. On the two overpasses leaving Carrigtoohill there were ambulances and fire brigades like they were waiting for something to happen and head for Cork. Then I got to the next exit at little island and there were another 3 fire brigades ready to go the same direction. Very strange.

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    But they were going South.

    Also heard the sirens and helicopter in Ballymun when we arrived there.?

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    She smoked them LOL. Madness.

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    Her engine light is on!
    We all stood around in a circle naked, thrusting our clinched fists in the air screaming "Jap Power!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennwagen View Post
    She smoked them LOL. Madness.
    Who'd have thought getting away from a fleet of diesel i30n would be so easy.

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    OJ Bleedin Simpson wannabe

    Genuinely surprised, you don't see more of this on social media.
    Someone's five minutes of notoriety.
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