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Thread: Would you buy a PHEV?

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    I briefly thought of changing the family wagon earlier this year. requirements are for 4wd, reliable and 7 seats. Didnt fancy the depreciation and thought money should be wisely spent on a fun car instead

    reall world range in EV mode does seem to be an issue based on talking to a few people particularly if you need to be driving up hills!

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    Not sure if asked before but does the electric motor heat up the ICE engine at all or is that sitting there cold?

    More thinking of mechanical sympathy that let's say 15km into you electric drive you need overtake and the petrol engine kicks in, surely that can't be good for it?

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    Great question, was the first thing I wondered when I picked this up as the ICE can start at anytime. Harry metcalfe also posed that question on his most recent video reviewing his x5 45E, noting for those with mechanical sympathy you wouldn’t want a cold engine starting up on an overtake for example.

    I doubt there is an oil warmer, but would love to know the design thoughts behind this.

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    I'm sure everyone with an EV has a separate cable for the daily charging and don't need to faff around in the boot to find one. In the i3 in any event, that faffing about cable lives in the frunk which gets used on the very rare occasions that I plug into a Type 2 charger on the move. And I already know I will be the one doing the charging on this potentially new thing whatever it turns out to be.

    As it happens, a Swedish mag did a "best PHEV per segment" type of thing that was issued today. Helpful because they're not getting free lunches from BMW or focus on what a car looks like in the driveway or 17 pages on the infotainment. Some of the below I didn't even know existed.

    Golf class: Mercedes A250e. They're very impressed with it, "like a GTI".
    Family: Skoda Superb iV
    SRS bizness: BMW 545e xDrive (that should be a relief to everyone based on the posts in this thread)
    Middle SUV: Toyota RAV4 (and I would consider it if it weren't bone achingly uninteresting in every imaginable way)
    Large SUV: Mercedes GLE 350de (alternatively suggests the Defender PHEV which I'm also toying with as an alternative)
    Luxury SUV: Ranger Rover PHEV
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    I don't know about the X5, but for example a Prius has a "thermal battery" (a big thermos flask resevoir for coolant in simple terms) so the engine stays warm for hours after you've turned it off. Toyota has certainly already thought of this stuff, and does a very good job of managing ICE vs. electric use and you can see loads of 2nd gen Priuses still on the road. They've been remarkably reliable compared to diesels.

    Of course, modern BMW engines, hybrid or not seem to be delicate things at the best of times these days, so it's not like I'd have huge confidence in one either way, but that's nothing to do with hybridization.

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    Do Lexus or Mazda have a PHEV, might be a bit less boring than the Toyota
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazg2 View Post
    Do Lexus or Mazda have a PHEV, might be a bit less boring than the Toyota
    I have a 2016 Golf GTE PHEV which is in full GTI spec and 200bhp and all the usual touches that are normally red are blue which I really like.

    The car is a plug in and also self charge, real life is 47klms from a full charge but when you put on the heating it goes to 25klms and again up when the heating is off.

    I do very small driving so suits perfectly rarely needing the engine but then i want a burn or a trip anywhere its into hybrid mode using both power sources or the little GTE button which gives both electric and turbo engine.

    As for the hassle of plugging in well im lazy and still find it so simple and no hassle and at the end of the day I can switch the car to charge the battery in what i call not plugging in lazy mode using some fossil fuel to create electric power.

    DSG box with pretty much all the bells and whistles that a gti has its hard to over look them in the phev market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazg2 View Post
    Do Lexus or Mazda have a PHEV, might be a bit less boring than the Toyota
    Lexus have hybrids across the range (don't know how many are plug in), but I wouldn't be counting on excitement as they all use a similar planetary CVT system as a Prius (even the bigger RWD cars). It's a good system and very tough, but not for driver appeal.

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    For me at least, the Lexus design doesn't work and they never seem to bubble to the top in review comparisons and given that there are a gazillion options out there it's handy enough to stick with the highly rated cars as a starting point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crank_case View Post
    What's your experience of range extender EVs (stuff like the i3 REX, as opposed to a primarly ICE Prius/530e type hybrid with more battery and a charging port). When range extension kicks in, does it allow unimpeded progress until you can find a charger or are there compromises in performance?
    From what I've read from i3 REX owners, when the REX kicks in the top speed is certainly reduced (maybe 60 mph?) but this seems more due to the fact that the REX can't charge the battery quick enough to keep up and it doesn't kick in until the battery is depleted to around 20% (unsure exactly). I think there are hacks that allow the REX to be switched on earlier, so you could be using it to keep the battery topped up.

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