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Thread: Buy it for life

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    Buy it for life

    I've always been slightly envious of the people who keep a car for years, look after it really well and rack up enormous mileage.

    One of the most famous is probably Irv Gordon who did over 3 million miles in his Volvo P1800 and more recently there was Mark Blackwell who racked up almost 800k miles in his 2000 Corvette which now rests in the Corvette museum.

    If you were buying something to do intergalactic mileage in what would you pick?

    If it was me, I would probably go for an E39 with an i6 up front, perhaps a pre-facelift 528i saloon. Built well, everything is easily accessible and the parts supply still seems to be excellent. I had three over the years, a 530d which I loved, a facelift 520i (or maybe it was a 525i) and a pre-facelift 520i 2.0 which was slow as all hell but it drove really nice and had low enough miles. I think I got it stupidly cheap to fill a gap for a couple of months. I remember at the time thinking I could have kept it forever as a dependable old second car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan View Post

    If you were buying something to do intergalactic mileage in what would you pick?
    If I was paying to keep it on the road for all of those miles probably an auld corolla or avensis

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    In all seriousness, I can see my 325 being a keeper. Motor tax aside I haven’t seen anything else in my budget that I’d have any interest in replacing it with. I’d have to up my budget quite a bit to get an rs4/rs6.

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    A Merc with an M113 V8 engine and the 5 speed box. Probably a 2005 E500 estate.
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    Old school BMWs were great, really great, but always seem quite fragile. Suspension woes, cooling woes, and lots of other niggles. I’m sure you can get on top of them but I think I would prefer something a bit more solid if it’s actually to be used a lot.

    Mercedes G63 maybe? Do you need anything else?

    Maybe this is a touch wood moment but I’d say my i3 could handle some serious kilometerage actually. They’re generally considered to be very reliable. Maybe the battery will expire eventually who knows but they seem to be hanging in there too. As a modern twist to the question.
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    A Lexus of any description Id say. Can do big mileage and comfortable.

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    Just turned 300k in my landcruiser. Not massive but I've no interest in replacing it. Think I'll always have it

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    I've owned my SX for 16 years now and never intend to sell. I have only put on about 70k miles as in those 16 years my trip to work and home was only about 5km. But a few 1000 of those miles are on Mondello! Also a few trips to the Ring, other tracks, family tours around Ireland, picked my wife and new born up from the hospital in it, etc. etc. I was in a position to buy M3s, Skylines, 350Z, other yokes over the years- all arguably "better" cars, but I never felt the need or want to sell Big Red.
    So hopefully in another 16 years and beyond I will still own and drive her! She is 22 years old now and still able to lift up her skirt and give me sweaty palms!

    Plenty of big mileage Toyota Prius's out there....
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    I've my mx5 10 years now. It's not powerful, but it handles great. Can have great fun at legal speeds and puts a big smile on my face. Can't ever see myself parting with it.

    If I could pick a car to use daily, put up big miles in it would be my mx5. The bride seats are seriously comfortable and everything just fits around me.

    The altezza i have it 6 years but it does everything so well and I don't know what I would replace it with if I sold it. I know the cream leather in mine is marmite but I was in a standard facelift tezza and its black and depressing looking by comparison so if id buyers remorse I couldn't get another one so easy. I've never seen another one like it and couldn't see myself selling it either. I don't get to drive it as much as I'd like unfortunately, as I drive a transit custom daily.

    My late father bought an x5 m sport brand new in 08 and put up 165000miles in it, its still in the family now. Maintained perfectly and still going. Its been pretty faultless too bar the odd airbag suspension needing replaced and one injector over the years. Which ain't bad for that kind of mileage.

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    I’d definitely be going with something from Japan but way too many cars to choose from

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