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Thread: The DoneDeal Thread 2021

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan View Post

    Ad says it includes Vrt,service and valet.
    Think they forgot the inclusion of petrol for the next 20 years for that €25k.

    Must be a sure sign the price bubble is about to go pop.
    They have a Mk2 8v GTI for €20k too
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    I remember selling a 99 or 00 LS400 for about 1K a few years ago. I probably could get 15k for it now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eoin View Post
    Its really cool actually but the price is complete and utter insanity!
    looks really cool, I've no idea how to value, anyone know how much it would go for in Japan?

    based on a couple of cars I've seen for sale in the same establishment I would have thought they're NOT relying on high turnover to keep things going; but interested to see how overpriced or otherwise the car is

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    I doubt they are going for anything like that price in Japan,but anything is possible.

    I was half thinking of selling my Glanza but at this rate of going it will be worth holding onto for a while longer.

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    Low mileage one here, €16k, costs on getting it here, rarity, and an interest in all things Toyota since the Yaris GR launch, they might find a buyer with cash. Did I read someone opinion Dublin is up 200 million... pocket change....
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    It you could justify the cost of getting it here that Startlet could be VRTed for 200 euro and you would be paying 50 euro tax a year which sounds like a good deal.
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    You still have vat/duty from Japan too.
    I'm standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused

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    There's no light, There's only fire!

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    There's no light, There's only fire!

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    There's no light, There's only fire!

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