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Thread: For Sale: 2007 BMW 116i

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    For Sale: 2007 BMW 116i

    My wife's car. My sister in law is the last owner. The mileage in km is 170 odd thousand or so. The car was bought by my sister in law at 160k km maybe 6 years or more ago. She sold it to us through lack of use and we don't use it too much. Serviced last year including two new run flats and a few other bits at a cost of 780. Tax until 05/21, tax is 514 for the year. It has passed the NCT first time, every time, for the last 3 years. It went through the NCT today and is NCT'd until 12/21.

    It's a metallic brown-gold colour. I googled the colour and it said 'Boston lemon' which sounds absolutely ridiculous, but there you go. It has five doors and a beige leather interior. A few buttons on the steering wheel, air con and so on.

    You could get a Yaris for the money, and that's fine. You could take this car to Cork comfortably, which would be a bit tiring in something like a Yaris. It's a good sturdy, heavy, comfortable car.

    It would have a couple of minor marks, including one noticeable scrape on the side of the front bumper which we're still arguing about.

    2000 would make it by far the cheapest one WITH TAX AND NCT on donedeal. Someone please take it for that and save me from donedeal.

    I'll try getting pics up on my phone.

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    *sees a grey car*

    *Checks description again*

    *Scrolls back down.....*

    *Still a grey car....*

    I like it though. You're right, it bates the sh1te out of a fleet of yaris's's's and rear wheel drive to boot, while there's still even a bit of snow around!

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    Yeah it's a nice car allright. It has been of good service to us when we have needed it. Really, all we needed was a city car, and this is far too good for that.

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    What kinda power are the 1.6 petrols putting out?

    A lot of car for the money that!

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    A quick google suggests 120hp. If your looking to go fast........your looking in the wrong place......

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    Sold now thanks!

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