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Thread: Care alarms for the elderly

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    Likewise my mom , I’ve lost count of the mistaken calls at this stage but needed occasionally and most importantly of all a great comfort blanket of last resort.
    They’re lovely patient folk and never see bothered by the calls.

    I should add , you can provide 4-5 phone numbers in the case they don’t get a response from the alarm holder and to be fair I’m number 3 on the list so they’re always very thorough.
    Again great peace of mind that me or one of the lads miss the call they WILL get hold of someone.

    ive often complained about the lack of help we get being of means but this is a first class service!
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    There are a lot of options I'm sure, but one that springs to mind is an intruder alarm we fit.

    It's called the Pyronix Enforcer. Stupid name but they are great bits of kit. There is a central panel that hooks up to wifi or a cable straight to your router and then a range of wireless devices you can add to it. You have the usual door contacts, PIR etc but there is also a fob that can be worn on a lanyard with a big green 'panic' button on.

    When pressed it alerts through to the app to whoever you need it to. Very easy to set up and it works very well. It has to be reliable as it's a security system! You can also get carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, internal alert cameras.. all kinds of bit's and pieces. Reasonably priced as well, so well worth a look IMO.

    Hope you get sorted man.

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    Thanks again everyone. I think our solution will last nicely until she’s more mobile. Which is happening quite quickly. The brain injury means she has no concept of risk so she’s just walking around without thinking. Obviously there’s a risk in that itself, but so far so good.

    Thanks again.

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    Just a little extra worth considering - went through similar when my mother was at home with dementia. All the focus was on her having a fall etc, but in reality the bigger issue was if my father, who was caring for her, was to have an accident: she would have had no ability to make phone calls, open doors, understand what was going on. So make sure your dad also has an 'emergency device' for himself too.

    This was Northern Ireland, so not sure if it happens here, but another very useful item they got was an exterior key box linked to the alarm. The dispatchers on the phone service could send ambulances and let the drivers know where the key was stored and the combination for the box.

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