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Thread: Care alarms for the elderly

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    Care alarms for the elderly

    I’m not sure where to even start looking at this kind of stuff. I’m looking for an alarm my mother could wear that she could use to alert someone else in the house that she’s in trouble. I guess even better that it would alert someone even if they were gone to the shops or similar.

    Basically, my mother and father live in a very rural part of the country and have no family support any more. She collapsed earlier in the week and broke the top of her femur so has had to have a “half hip” replacement. She’s recovering well thankfully, partially because she can’t gauge danger too well due to a brain injury 25 years ago, at least that’s what Physio said, she’s just gung-ho going for it on the frame and the sticks. However, they’re concerned about how she’ll do at home as the aneurysm and stroke all those years ago effected her orientation and she can get confused very quickly due to almost no short-term memory.

    Sorry for all the details, but feel they might help. Anyway. Carers see her for an hour or so in the mornings but my father, who is 76, cares for her otherwise. He’s concerned she may forget she has the injury or fall again and feels a panic button type system is needed so she can notify him of anything. This needs to be super super simple for her and relatively so for him. He’s well able for tech stuff, but we’ve never been able to put anything long term in place as she loses stuff or forgets how to use it. Both are quite deaf too.

    I’m sure others here and been in similar situations. My brother and I are both the other side of the country from them so we need to find something that’s effective and mutes our massive guilt lol

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    You should check with their GP and or the Public Health or Community Nurse, who would be aware of what systems or services are being used in the Area. There a variety of services available and these would be the best as to what would work in your circumstances. My mother had a pendant, which she wore around her neck, but would take it off when having a shower, took some persuading to keep it on as that was when she was most vunerable and the button was actually waterproof. Best of luck. Keep Safe.

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    Thank you. I think he’s trying to avoid a larger service involvement and just wants something simple for the two of them, but I’ll make him aware of the above. May put his mind more at ease. Than you.

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    Something like this would probably do what you need but might be a bit of overkill;

    The GPS tracking Pendant will contact up to 3 x key-holders by Phone and 1 (main monitoring user) by Text via the Free App, when the SOS button is held.

    This then allows a secure 2 way communication with the key-holder(s), together with the key-holder(s) being able to view and find your exact location using Google Maps on your Smartphone or Tablet.

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    Great call. I’ll pass that one on. The god would actually be useful tbh, if she gets as mobile as she was.

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    My mum has a panic button thing she wears on her wrist. Got through public health via gp iirc

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    I was just thinking of these as my Mam had two falls this week and was on the floor for over an hour on Tuesday night. That one above looks good,
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    There is one my dad has that's connected to the house phone. It's a panic and fall alarm. It works withing Xmtrs of the house. It's part state funded. Above that is one with a sim that can be used out and about.
    I'll try and get the name and post it.

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    So, just to update this. They have Google Home already in the house, so I got a Google Camera for that. Dad can now see and speak to her from multiple rooms, but as our internet failed three times (super rural) in the first night we used it, my brother arrived with an old baby monitor and between the two, we seem to have a useable system. She's improving well, but I think all feel more at ease with the system in place for the long term now. Thanks for all the suggestions

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    This is the one my dad got. It is good and has worked even when he pressed it by mistake while asleep. The call came through asking was he okay. He's planning on getting the one with a sim soon as he's out of range of the house on the farm quite a bit.

    Some smart watches have a fall detector that then sends a text from your mobile. It may just be a backup worth considering.

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