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Thread: My New Car - Left Field Choice - Any Guesses (It's French) ??

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    The 508 caught my eye when I seen them on the road, really stands out compared to most European cars these days. Tried to persuade on of the guys in work to get one as a company car but he went with an Octavia in the end.

    SW version looks smashing, haven't seen one on the road yet, best of luck with it.
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    That is really sleek looking. Well wear.

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    Had a quick read of your previous thread Hogster and no word of a lie, I was going to suggest either one of these or the newer Passat GTE.

    I think I'd have one of these over the Passat for the seating and driving position.

    Lovely cars and well wear!

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    That's a lovely looking machine, well wear!

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    Congrats! Love the new 508. It's a pity there are not more of them on the road.
    You can quickly adapt to the small steering wheel (I've got a 208). Biggest issue is going back to another car feels like driving a bus.

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    I like these a lot, these and the V60/V90s are probably the best looking non-German estates on sale.
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    Looks great man. This is what manufacturers should have been selling us for years. 200 ish bhp petrol sedans and station wagons. (OK, saloons and estates). How the fcuk did the market go into that diesel soft roader tailspin I'll never understand .

    That's a fantastic looking, decently powered, hopefully lovely to drive, package for practical everyday driving.

    Well done Peugeot and well done you.

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