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Thread: Just had a very odd phonecall..

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    Sorry about that, dialled the wrong number.

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    ^ Hee-arr.. I know where yiz live - every one of ye..

    Can picture rocking up with some of the reprobates here in tow - it'd be a scene out of Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Only cooler (ish..)

    "Oh and hey Renn, Foyler, (pause..) breeng your gee-tars, eh ? "

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    Tell them you have da cooovid and will met them at your place of residence hahaha.

    As Bloke said, dont answer anymore private numbers, those are the ones who ae usual tyre kickers and nothing better to do Alan.

    PS when we going for a spin?

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    I got that before when I was selling one of the kids bikes. Then he rang back and said hed calmed down but was still adamant the bike I was selling was stolen from him. He sounded deranged. Got all worked up again. At this point it was getting ridiculous, Id say he was off his nut on something. I said woah woah woah, we can fix this. How he said? Heres how; fk off. And that was that.

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    What a clusterfeck! If it was genuine, all the eejit had to do was arrange a viewing. Then he'd see it wasn't his car. Sounds like either a prank or an information gathering exercise. Either way, he wasn't interested in buying. Best to hang up!
    Beware of imitations; there's another lawyer out there calling himself "Lucanlaw!" So the writing on the wall may be a forgery!

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    Rather than hanging up, you should have asked him, in a sultry voice, what he was wearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeeTI View Post
    Rather than hanging up, you should have asked him, in a sultry voice, what he was wearing.
    I wish I had the presence of mind to be able to come up with stuff like this on the spot when necessary, haha!

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    I have found (by accident) that a stunned silence can be converted into a victory. Wait maybe 15 seconds after he has petered out and totally used up all his vehemence and vitriol on you. Then say politely - "I'm terribly sorry but someone knocked over something in the next room and I had to put the phone down, would you mind repeating that?"

    Then say you will call him back. He won't have a number of course. Then ask him to phone back in 20 minutes as something has come up. When he phones back, say "Please can you hold for a minute". Leave the phone down somewhere and I don't know, go and watch Netflix or something.

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    could it be one of them?

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