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Thread: Just had a very odd phonecall..

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    Just had a very odd phonecall..

    Have one of the family cars up for sale. Got a call to the number advertised from what sounded like a teenage male, with a broad Dublin(ish..) accent. The call went something as follows:

    - Howya bud, that's my car you have advertised. It was stolen from outside my house two days ago.
    - (Me) What ? No, you must be mistaken, I've owned it since 2015
    - No you f**king haven't, it's mine, stolen
    - (Me) It's not. Tell me again when yours was stolen ?
    - Last night, that's it I'm tellin' ye. Who'd you buy it off, what's your name and address, I want your name and address
    - (Me) Sorry, this is a very strange call
    - Right Im going to the cops, I want your name and address pal
    - (Me) Tell you what, why dont you report the ad and let the cops take it from there
    - No, Ill put you on to my da mate...he'll talk to you

    At this point what sounds like an even younger male (or possibly female) came onto the phone and started giving out in what sounded like a broad Dublin/foreign accent, but which was so thick/garbled it was indecipherable, and pretty damned definitely not old enough to be the father of the first miscreant.

    Not being able to make a word out of what the 2nd person was saying I cut across this ongoing spiel and said look just call the cops, and don't bother ringing back here or I'll phone the cops myself, and then finished the call. I checked back and of course it was a Private number, untraceable

    WTF's going on there then - phishing for a name and address to pin to a phone-number / trying to locate the car with a view to swiping it / or maybe a spoof call from one of those spoof-your-mates companies ?? (The thought did also cross my mind it might also be one of you lot btw ..)

    Answers on a postcard please
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    Phishing for your details I guess to clone a plate/insurance details.
    Possibly to get a. Insurance disc....

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    Sounds possible - though the reg number isn't visible in the ad. mind you.

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    So...what did ya nick -Alan- ? Something nice, I hope?

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    Probably a prank call from one of those apps, got caught out with one before.

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    A heyer, leave ir ou.
    Tear the bleedin gee oura dem.

    Ask them do they Know Renn from Talaght and you wont have any more trouble.

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    Could be phising/vishing as said, but on the basis of the old maxim "never but down to malice what can be accounted for by stupidity", is it possilble that some big thick eejit of a young lad genuinely had a similar car nicked but is too dense to make the connection it's not his? Y'know, like compare the reg if visible in the ad.

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    -I never answer private numbers any more, in fact I don't really pick up numbers I don't recognise any more. Let them speak to my voicemail secretary and leave a message if it's important.

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    Just change the seller name to ‘Jedi Knight’ and include a pic of you rockin a black belt , while chopping a water melon in half on the bonnet of the car, should put an end to it.
    Maybe renn’s offer is easier!

    If you need a posse , give me 3 hours notice

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    Potentially it was just some scrotes with nothing better to be doing looking for a laugh.

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