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Thread: How much is too much?

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    We’re still talking about cars, yes??
    I'm standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepy-vtec View Post
    I’d buy a high mileage yoke no bother but resale is a pain. If the previous owner has had it a long time generally they’ve looked after them well, but a high miler with loads of owners usually spells trouble.
    Number of owners always freaks me out!
    You do find long term ownerships are generally better minded!

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    It also makes the car more expensive to insure
    I'm with the resistance

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMZ View Post
    It also makes the car more expensive to insure
    High mileage? I don’t think I’ve ever been asked what the mileage is

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    I’d say where the mileage was done would be more important? A UK 100K motorway miles car can drive like new (Although every car out of UK seems to only have been on the motorway) Last year I repaired a 2016 A4 Avant with 177k miles It drove and looked like a car with 50

    I’ve always went for as low miles and owners as possible for whatever machine I’d be in the market with the exception of a Volvo V50 I bought in 2014 with 417 Kilometres on the clock got 2 years outa it as a T-Plate sh1t box

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tango View Post
    High mileage? I don’t think I’ve ever been asked what the mileage is
    Number of owners. They don’t ask, they just get the data from wherever.
    I'm with the resistance

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    I nearly rather high milage to medium milage. something that's made it to 150k miles will generally have had a lot of stuff underneath replaced. Drivetrains these days should run for very very long times, it's the suspension that tends to go. if I was looking at a high miler I'd be looking at parts availability, often a set of wishbones, links, track rods and shocks isnt that expensive, just replace em all in one go and drive on.

    Currently I'm driving a 180k mile Hyundai santa fe, previous owner did most of the big ticket items, I did the brakes and it drives without a knock, squeak or rattle.

    it's the luck of the draw with any vehicle but having never bought anything with less than 80k miles in my life I have to say it's never really been a problem.

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    I'm high mileage too, but with the caveat that I don't do big miles. I try not to drive around the city and only really drive Dublin to Donegal or Kildare. I bought my 95 about six or even years ago with just under 160k miles on the clock and it pipped 205k miles last year. I look after it as best I can and it's passed every NCT bar an issue with an electric window.I'm never sure how good the maths work out on it, but I've earned less than the average industrial wage for years post-redundancy, so an older cheaper car, with cheap parts, decent reliability and a knowledgeable mechanic works a lot better for me than a large inital outlay for a newer car, decent reliability, but with a possibly higher risk of costly repair, even if the chances of that are once a year. I swapped to a high mileage 15-year old Pathfinder since, which I have some bodywork done to, but it has still been cheaper than the first initial outlay for younger lower mileage model.

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    For me, it comes down to the maintenance record.

    My parents Avensis is a perfect example of this, cosmetically it's in sh1t. It's been reversed into everything by my 72-year mother and probably washed 5 times in their 10 years of ownership. Picture the perfect country mans poverty spec 2008 Avensis, that is it. BUT, mechanically it has never been left wanting for anything and has a full Toyota service history. I was home for xmas and took it for a few spins here and there, it drives like a relatively new car but it has 160000 miles on the clock. I know Toyotas live forever blah blah blah, but you can kill anything by not maintaining it properly.

    If a car had a lifetime of service history, I'd be happy with whatever mileage it had.

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    Maybe I'm wrong but if car have big engine I can go for bit more mileage if engine is less than 2.5 i avoid car completly doesnt matter what mileage it has. My cutoff for cars is 150.000km.

    However i remember my dad had Mercedes 190E and car did over 1.000.000km and he sold the car to his friend who did another 400.000km without big trouble. Then I have and '96 2.6 petrol Audi A4 Avant in Poland and car has 400.000km already and still driving smooth but will never sell this car.

    I think it depend on car.

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