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Thread: My first pilgrimage to the ring

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    My first pilgrimage to the ring

    Turning 30 next summer and just after picking up a e46 m3, I think there’s no better time to head too the ring.

    Looking for some info on how to go about it from those who have been

    Car prep I presume give it a good look over/service fresh rubber all round and good discs pads and fluid and bring along some small spares pads, coil plugs etc.
    brake down Cover?
    any hidden costs?
    heading from Galway so ferry from Dublin and either Chunnel or ferry to Rotterdam
    many places worth seeing along the way?
    not planing on rushing over and rushing back going to have around 7 days total.
    also not planning on doing loads of laps and pushing myself or the car to the limit going more for the experience.

    would it be better to go over when there’s a race on or not?

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    The ‘Ring is surprisingly gentle on cars so basic prep suffices. Spares are a good idea, breakdown cover too.

    I’d go over via UK and back via the overnight boat. My tip is the P&O Dublin to Liverpool overnighter which should get you to Dover at mid-day. Dunkirk and Calais are unremarkable but Bruges and Ghent are worth a stop, as are the ‘Band of Brothers’ battlefield stops near Bastogne and Foy around Spa. Cologne, Düsseldorf, Cochem, Bitburg are all worth an overnight stop. You’ll pass Michael Schumacher’s karting place at Kerpen if you come in via the A4.

    Something worth seeing near Dover is the Battle of Britain memorial.

    If you go via Cherbourg on the way back you could take a day to do the D-Day beaches and associated battlefields which are well worth doing. The long boat journey back is good for a rest after a weeks hosing around.

    My tip coming from Calais/Dunkirk is don’t go the Brussels ring-road route and instead keep south around Lille, Charleroi, Mons and Liege. It looks slightly longer but it’s a lot quieter and an easier drive. If you did go via Brussels then Leuven/Louvain is well worth a stop.

    For what it’s worth I think the Pistenklause is the worst restaurant around the ‘Ring but worth visiting once. I’d base myself in Adenau rather than Nürburg.

    The former West German Government’s Bunker isn’t far from the ‘Ring and a mad sight to see. When we went the tour was only in German but that might have changed. The remnants of the ‘Bridge at Remagen’ aren’t far away either. If you’re happy driving a bit further then I would highly recommend the car museum at Sinsheim plus Porsche and Mercedes in Stuttgart. The best place IMHO for a top speed run is the A5 Frankfurt Airport to Darmstadt which is about 15km pan flat and straight. On a dry Sunday you’d have no problem doing your 155mph there and it’s on the way to Stuttgart.

    Stuttgart has a spring beer festival at the Cannstätter Wasen in the city that could be worth aligning with for a visit. It’s like the Oktoberfest but much quieter and enjoyable.

    Another place worth visiting is Epernay in the Champagne region. It’s not far from Calais coming from the UK and if you’re bringing a female companion might be a nice diversion from cars & associated sights etc.
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    Assuming it will be running next year and you have time, you should try to do the Eifel Rallye at the same time, as it’s not far from the Ring. I’ve not been to it for a couple of years, but it’s a serious event with all the classic rally cars, including loads of Group B, and current and former drivers turning up. Book hotels early though, as the town of Daun which acts as rally central is small. A man from Roscommon at the Le Mans Classic told me about it, but it’s mainly Germans who turn up to it

    We even managed to get a table for beer and steaks beside the start for the night stages, led off by Stig Blomqvist

    Also, depending on which way you’re coming back you could pay a visit to Classic Remise in Düsseldorf, well worth spending an hour or two there. Nice place for lunch too

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    I drove to the Nurburgring a few years ago as part of a much longer road trip around Europe. We stayed in Adenau, much more going on there than in Nurburg from what I could see. Not too far from the Nurburgring is Burg Eltz, about maybe a 30-40min drive. Stunning Castle hidden away in the rural German landscape where you can take tours. I drove by that museum in Sinsheim by pure chance that trip and was sorry not to have stopped when I realised how good it was after I had returned home. Stuttgart is a realatively straightforward drive from there too but you’d want to be staying overnight as I think it might have been 4-5 hour drive the day I did it due to crazy congestion on the autobahn with trucks, but that my have been unlucky timing for me!

    Also we stayed in this place while in Adenau, just a 5-10 min walk into the centre of town but pleany of space to safely park up your car.

    If you do happen to trip back through the Champagne region of France on the way home I can highly recommend this place if you are bringing someone with you who may not appreciate non stop car related activities, very luxurious and the owners were lovely. Also just happens to be a few minutes drive from the Reims circuit!

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    Reims! I forgot about the Reims grandstands entirely. The ultimate road trip photo opportunity.
    2003 BMW 325i Sport Touring (E46)
    1998 Porsche 911 3.4 Carrera 2 (996)
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    Accommodation. You have a fellow Galway man running NorthLoop Rooms based in Adenau. Highly recommend them. Available on Booking .com or Facebook message them direct.

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    Thanks for the info so far, loads to take in and plan. Herself will be coming along so the trip will definitely not be all about cars but she’s fairly easy going and is warming to the car stuff.

    Blaine and Sandra run that place I believe, I actually completely forgot about them.

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    Ah if herself is going then I can't recommend the Cherry Bar

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    "The Ring is surprisingly gentle on cars"

    Said no sane person ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennwagen View Post
    "The Ring is surprisingly gentle on cars"

    Said no sane person ever.
    But it is....compared to other tracks.

    I can go through one set of stock brake pads in one day on Mondello. That set would last four times longer on the Ring.

    If your hard on brakes at the Ring it means your relying on power to drag you around a lap. The Ring should be a flowing drive and less of on/off/on style driving you find with high power high torque cars.

    Where Nordshleife is harsh is on turbo cars....lots more opportunities to be 'on boost' for long periods. Much longer than normal, Kesselchen usually finds your weak points on your intercooler/intake system.

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