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Thread: 997 Carrera S

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    997 Carrera S

    After many months of trying, I have finally shifted the M4. My brief foray into the world of forced induction and robo clutches was all I needed to realise that I prefer things moving at a little slower pace, with a little more involvement to keep me busy(and below stratospheric speed levels). The M4 was a great car, but it didn't really fit with what I wanted from driving. Always good to confirm these things!

    This definitely solves the riddle for me. After a couple of short spins, and a lengthy one this morning, any doubt that I had made the right decision had vanished from my mind. The noise, the gear change, the gradual build of power vs. the M4's ram-it-down-your-throat approach had me beaming ear to ear. The handling is easily on par with the BMW, a car 8 years its junior, I would say the only category in which the M4 trumps the 911(speed aside) is braking ability, but it's not lacking in that department, the M4 brakes were just insane(and again, 8 years of advancement in brakes). Obviously all of that waffle is completely my own (novice) opinion, but it feels far more special overall, and has me wanting to take it over the Sally gap every morning for the foreseeable, which I think is what dream cars are supposed to do!

    It has a great spec: Carrera Sport wheels, sport chrono, PSE, PASM, fully electric heated sports seats, extended leather, and the all important red seat belts. The colour is Atlas Grey, and the paint seems to be in pretty good shape for a 14 year old car. The previous owner replaced the PCM with a Pioneer unit that seems to be pretty good, with a matching surround that makes it look OEM. I don't really listen to music in the car, but it's handy to have something passable in there regardless.

    Plans for the near future include engine mounts, some exhaust modification to make it rowdier, lowering springs, spacers, and possibly a short shift kit. I doubt any of these things will happen for a decent while though, as I am no longer in possession of any money. Cheers

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    Fantastic car,nice write up. Best of luck with it.

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    Beautiful. Enjoy it!

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    Congrats, fantastic looking example.

    Out of curiosity did you drive/consider anything else in Deane's stock? Their R8 etc?
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    Excellent choice. If I was fortunate enough to be making the decision I too would choose that over the M4. Love those wheels on a 997. Best of luck with it

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    Congrats Conor, looks great!
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    congrats again on pulling the trigger, looks and sound epic.

    I haven’t driven a 911 in years but I regularly drove a 996 for around a year and it was always an occasion.

    Think of all the money you’re saving on holidays paying for the mods😎

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    Looks a nice car, enjoy and join Porsche Club Ireland if you’re not already a member. There’s a special price for 2021 if you join before 1 Jan 2021.

    Good photo too, where’s it taken?

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    Nice one, you have your Christmas Card photo sorted for this year so

    Well done on the purchase and it definitely sounds like you are a very happy fella and you made the right choice.

    I used to see a 997 that looked very similar to this one, same colour and wheels, always parked across from the Mater Private hospital,
    I wonder if it's the same car?I always slowed down to have a look at it whenever I was walking past.

    They do appear to be just so useable day to day but yet still put a big smile on your face.

    Happy motoring.

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    Nice car. Glad to hear you're happy with the move from your M4. 911s have a very unique character and it will be very enjoyable getting to know the car.

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