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Thread: Errors with Mobile Device viewing

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    Errors with Mobile Device viewing

    There is an issue on this forum as a whole though, if using a mobile device I go in to edit a post of my own & I try to start typing it deletes post.

    Also happens when goin into PMs. Go to open message and it tries to delete message.

    It's not a redirect issue. The screen just thinks I'm pushing delete. It's across 3 models of android but about 7 devices I've tried it on and all same issue.

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    I've edited my own posts with no probs, on two different android devices in everyday use.

    What browser and release version are you using, and are you browsing the mobile version of the site or the desktop version on your devices?

    Providing that bit of extra info might help the admin team identify the issue.

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    Found the same problem in PMs. When you try to open message phone think you click delete button. Sometimes it's work fine and always work fine when you turn your phone.

    Samsung, chrome

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