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Thread: New laptop - high end machine

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    New laptop - high end machine

    I'm too old for this tech s***

    I am looking at a new laptop for work. My current one is a 2011 Toshiba R700 i5 8GB Ram and 1TB SSD Drive. Its still a decent machine but now and again when i pick it up from the side it dies. I suspect a failing joint on the board due to the twist. This wasn't a cheap machine when it was bought but its 9 years old now so I suppose you get what you pay for. my current one was around 2k so similar budget would be acceptable.

    Next machine should last a 5+ years also. Be around 2kg in weight but not as critical as I have a Surface also for basic stuff while traveling. This laptop is basically me desktop so needs to be decent.

    Upgrades I'd like as I've found myself doing some video stuff and am useless but I'd like to learn. I run Divinci on a big PC in teh office but thats useless to me on weekends or evenings. With this in mind I'd like a 4k screen, 15" screen, lots of RAM, 1TB drive and a decent graphics card.

    This got me looking at Dell XPS 15, fully loaded its 3,300. MS Surface laptop 3 15" loaded is 3k. Now these could be overkill an maybe MSI or some gaming machines would be better.

    Any suggestions on a postcard welcome.
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    You seem to be doing the right thing, i pick my budget and then get the best CPU/GPU/RAM/HDD etc. i can from a list of whats available. If trying to pick the CPU/GPU etc. look at the benchmark sites to show which is best, i use below:

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    Dell’s quarter end is Oct so you’ll get cracking deals off them by holding their feet to the flame until the last minute, even on small volumes or single purchases.

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    Just to add, if you find something that fits the criteria in all but RAM size, then just buy the amount you want from amazon or wherever. Sure you'll be replacing it rather than adding to it, most likely, but it's usually not expensive. Same with the SSD I guess, nice to have two NVMe slots if you can

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    Thanks for pointers. I'm not sure about memory upgrades on some of teh laptops anymore as we bought some more portable ones last year and the memory was soldered in so you got what you got.

    More research needed methinks. I get bored with this kind of stuff quickly as I've gotten older.
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    I hear you on the boredom point. My last machine lasted me 7 years, give or take a fan and a battery or two, but I work them hard. It's still going but I consider it a ticking time bomb at that age. In that time, technology has changed (not necessarily "moved on") that I have to learn a bunch of new terms before I can spec and order. I doubt the models you're looking at would have soldered RAM, although not sure about the Surface?
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    I switched to Mac and most of my frustrations ended. Particularly with basic stuff like screens, WiFi, close the lid and it’s off, and touch pads. Apple solved touch pads in 1784 or thereabouts, not sure what’s keeping everyone else.
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    I would go with the XPS , best windows laptop I have used so far, get the I7 over the I9 , save yourself 600 euro

    New XPS 15
    10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-10750H
    Windows 10 Home 64bit
    32GB DDR4-2933MHz, 2x16G
    1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive

    Our new XPS 15 with Borderless UHD Touch display equipped with Latest 10th gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, Windows 10 Home and Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti and 1TB SSD and 32GB ram.
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    Mac all the way. Wintel is beyond pAinful at this point......updates every 5 seconds...memory hog....macs just work.

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    I had an XPS 15 for work a couple years ago and it's build quality was top notch. I would still be using it if I hadn't inadvertently discovered that pressing F8 during start-up bricked it.
    Apart from that it was probably the best laptop I've had.

    I was a few months out of warranty on the Dell and work switched to HP for IT so I moved on to HP ZBook Studio. Build quality is on par with the Dell and has some trump cards on the Dell like screen brightness but overall I preferred the ergonomics of the Dell. The HP also retains some legacy ports which I preferred (HDMI and USB 3.0) that may be important for you.

    The HP is slightly cheaper spec for spec and they now have a ZBook Create that comes with an 8 GB RTX 2070 which is a step up in graphics power.

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