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Thread: S2000 maintenance questions

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    S2000 maintenance questions

    Hey Folks

    With the long weekend ahead of us I am hoping to change my clutch and brake fluid on my S2000.
    Just wondering what seems to work best for fellow owners.

    I have been using oem engine oil for previous changes,is there a better option ?


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    I used ate superblue brake fluid and OEM clutch fluid

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    Isn't the OEM clutch fluid is the same as their brake fluid? It's dot 4 anyway.
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    Thanks baz,
    I think you may have answered my next question.

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    Not the same fluid for brakes and gearbox.

    Use the gravity bleed method for the brakes, don't pump the brake pedal all the way to the bullhead or you risk damaging the master cylinder. I used Superblue too.

    Use OEM Honda fluid for the gearbox, it's not expensive.

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    I use the same clutch and brake fluid, Motul RBF 600.

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    superblue is no more!

    some other fluid is blue in the US market (hydraulic oil or something), so they dont make it any more.

    ate typ200 is the same stuff, just not blue.

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