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Thread: VW ID.3 - Thoughts?

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    VW ID.3 - Thoughts?

    Currently toying with the idea of an ID.3 on PCP to replace both of our cars, taking advantage of VWFS's 1.9% APR deal to leave a healthy chunk of our savings in the bank for the forthcoming financial storm. (This also gives us the option to walk away after 24/36 months, especially if battery tech advances so rapidly it destroys residuals for early adopters).

    Unfortunately the Budget's VRT change for EV's has bumped their price up by 1.7 - 1.8k (you now get the actual VRT figure deducted from RRP - ~3k in this instance, rather than a fixed 5k as before) - Had hoped to avoid this scenario, however with a 12-16 week delivery time, there's no way a car ordered now would be registered before the 31/12/20 budget cut off.

    58kWh seems to offer ~400km of range - Call it 300km in Winter, with the heating / lights / wipers on - Probably suit us for 90% of our journeys - A Tesla Model 3 would perhaps be nicer, but even the entry SR version is a push financially (10k more and doesn't offer much more range - Just the benefit of Supercharging)

    Anyone here have an ID.3 / one on order? Is it still too early to own a EV in Ireland, for anymore than running around locally within your home county?

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    I am not in the market for an EV and to be honest they are not something that have ever been of much interest to me. I am one of those to bury my head in the sand and resist the change until the infrastructure is in place to sustain EV living. That being said an ID3 has appeared in the car park at work and it is a really interesting design. Itís the 1st time I have gone out of my way to walk around an EV and some of the intricate details are really nice. Based on looks alone Iíd say go for it

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    I think for the size and at the price point they're aiming, they're an interesting alternative to a Kona or Ioniq, but I'm wary of becoming VWs alpha tester.
    Most of the reviews are reporting slowness and bugs in the user interface software.

    One passed me in Salthill at the weekend, they're an eye-catching car, in the way that all new models are. Range and performance seem adequate but I haven't driven one yet.

    If you have the option of home charger, I think it's definitely time. The charging network catching up, and there are more private suppliers entering the market.
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    I drove one a few weeks back, and being incredibly honest it piqued my interest. Up until then i was a baaaahhhh no V8/Turbo/Straight Six holy grail kind of person.

    I can really see it making sense to someone living in a built up area with the same commute/movements 99% of the time. I imagine charging just becomes de rigeur same as your phone.

    Anyways, the ID3 is different than all the others as the chassis was originally designed to be an Electric Car....not the half arsed way 95% of the others are.

    The gizmos and gadgets were super cool, the follow you headlights etc that kind of stuff I could happily invest in.

    The acceleration was eerily cool! All those Tee Diddly eye torque boo boys are in for embarrassing times off the lights let me tell you!!!

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    We had a leaf a few years back. Range was not great on it but was fine for most of the driving. It was the Mrs car and she only ever did short trips. Problem with them is charging more than range. At some point you will be in a situation where you will need to charge. With more and more coming on stream the points will be busier, so you need to plan out bigger journeys, or trips away, etc.

    They are easy to live with the majority of the time and having more range will help. Another thing though, can you charge at home? That was a God send for us, but if you live in an Apartment, or cannot park at the front of your house then you will be reliant on public charging. We were lucky there as have a house and can park right outside so have a charge point. We move away from the leaf as range anxiety and not being able to go far without thinking of the charging got to us. We got stuck once and that was it. But we have a plug in hybrid for herself now, a Golf GTE. Range is small but a charge a day covers her needs, and when we go for spins, or days away, just keep it in hybrid mode and it keeps the battery at a certain level.

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    There was never a fixed deduction by the way, it was VRT up to €5k + €5k SEAI grant that was/is fixed. I don't know what it is now but a bit surprised that the price went up seeing as VRT went down...

    Should you buy one? I don't know. It gets pretty middling reviews so best to take it for a spin. The interior looks surprisingly low-rent for a VW which would be a bit of a turn-off for me at least. Also it's not particularly quick which I think somewhat diminishes the appeal of an EV. If you want to travel slowly, there are plenty of diesel options that do that astoundingly well.

    Another thing for the business case is how much fuel you use. For me buying the i3, it took out probably about €200-300 worth of fuel a month so it's practically self-financing and it's a bit of a laugh to drive as well.

    Do you get Ionity charging bundled with the car? If so, that would be good. Obviously every EV review in the world talks about supercharging as a must have but never having had it, I'm not sure it's critical. It probably depends very much on how you use the car.
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    Had a quick look at the review. If you can put it through a business it makes a lot of sense, and if it's a second car in the house that solves the range anxiety. The low rent interiors on the lower models is seriously off-putting, but the price differential between models seems huge considering the minor upgrades you get and the fact that its subject to a lower VRT rate.

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    I had a good look at an ID3 they are a nice lioking car. The ID4 looks like it will be even better though when they launch it here obviously

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    I was lurking at ID3 and frankly Iím a bit disappointed with pricing. The sweet spot Family trim comes around 40k after grants. The entry level Life comes at 32k but it doesnít even have alloy wheels! Also what I personally miss there is hifi upgrade option.
    Itís definitely an interesting car, although as others point out, seems to have some teething problems with the software. And there is no over the air software upgrade yet.
    Also it will be interesting to see what other siblings are released next year - Seat interpretation may be nice and better priced.
    Anyway - I think at 1.9% PCP itís worth considering.

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    In white I think they look likke an inflated vw up.

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