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Thread: W124 NCT repairs, Dublin

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    W124 NCT repairs, Dublin

    Evening gents,

    My 200e failed its NCT today on a few items -

    Battery insecure

    Abs light illuminated

    Fog lights not working / switch “does not operate correctly” (two separate items)

    “Transmission - Drive shaft/-mounting, worn, centre foremost”

    I have no idea what the last one is, some rubber thing or something. I was too distraught to pay attention.

    I have neither the time nor inclination nor skill to tackle it myself. Looking for a garage or mechanic sympathetic to older cars who might look at it early next week, north or south Dublin.

    Any recommendations?

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    You'll be safe enough with most mechanics on the w124 they are built well so working on them isn't overly hard

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    My Dad has an independent garage on the Malahide Road and is a big 124 fan, PM if you want his number

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    Joseph Garage on Long Mile road, D12. Alex guy working there drive w124 himself.

    Those hungarian guys were always fixing my CLK's. I'll post phone number tomorrow, just need to get it when i'll be in work as its next door to it.

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    The last one is probably the centre bearing on the prop haft. The rubber mount wears out. It's worth replacing the rubber donuts at each end at the same time too.
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    Fog light might just be a worn knob!
    Deadly Dave

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