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Thread: VRT List

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    VRT List


    I'm noticing more and more high end UK registration cars around Dublin this year, compared to previous years.

    I understand VRT is a tiresome subject and we are all equally tired of having to pay it on each car.

    I'm looking at bringing in a long time dream car from the UK next month, and I only plan on driving it once a month, so the idea of forking out €50k+ on VRT alone is hard to grasp.

    I've been discussing various options with a lot of people that have UK cars, and how they are managing to do it.

    Without causing eruptions with the 'Goody Two Shoe' brigade, here are some of the options that some people are doing, however I would love to see if anyone has any other 'workaround' ideas:

    A - Pay the €50k VRT

    B - Keep a low profile in the car and hope you don't get stopped on your once a month spin

    C - Register as a garage and actually start trading a few cars, and obtain a TAN number

    D - Register the car to the North and leave it up there

    E - Register the car to the North and avail of an address up there, while keeping the car in the south an absolute minimum

    Does anyone have any other ideas to add to the list?

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    You've asked this before. You'll prob never enjoy the car if you're worried about checkpoints/neighbours etc.

    Pay the VRT. If you scratch the itch and want to sell the car you'll get the VRT back if you export it down the line.

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    It depends on how much the 50k is worth to you relative to the stress / hassle inherent in the other choices. Even if we knew your net worth / bank balance we still wouldn't be able to guess how valuable you pervcieve the 50k to be.

    Personally - if its literally a once a month spin then keeping it in a garage up North has to be the best option - assuming the insurance can be sorted. There was a thread on here about someone eyeing up a F360 and the insurance q was a stumbling block. That said, apparently anyone with a remap or after market exhaust has voided their insurance in ROI as no insurer covers mods so maybe it's a mute point once they issue you with your checkpoint pass.
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    A) pay the vrt

    You can always get it refunded if you export the car again

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    Come on, give us a hint, what is it? 911?

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    I'm saying Ferrari 550 Maranello or McLaren 😉

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    From a tax / legal perspective, I would say:
    A and D will make you tax compliant.

    B is tax evasion and is illegal. Financial and legal implications aside, your name would undoubtedly be in the national papers if caught. And there are many ways this could come to the attention of Revenue; don't just be thinking of Customs checkpoints.

    C and E could be viewed as tax avoidance (legal) or tax evasion (illegal) depending on how you go about it, who you are, how wealthy you are and how good your accountant is. I would ask your accountant the question of which definition you would fit into for these options. If they don't know now, then they won't know when/if Revenue come asking, and you'd be best getting a different accountant who has more experience in...creative tax planning strategies. Accountants are obliged to report unrectified tax evasion to Revenue by the way. But lol.

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    Getting a TAN number isn't just a case of filling out a form, and you still aren't meant to be using the car for non-trade purposes.

    In previous years, I would say find some way of leaving it UK reg but with Brexit coming that could get you into trouble.

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    Brexit also brings its own risk of banking on a VRT rebate for selling a car back to the UK. That may not be as easy in the future and maybe other import duties in the UK may make an Irish import too costly?

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    Option F)
    Pick up a foreign prostitute in Letterkenny, work out a yearly rate, rent a nice little flat in Strabane for her/him with secure parking. Register the car in her/his name and get insured as named driver, drive it on!

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