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Thread: Progressing with the golf

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    I rent a property to a golf shop and was fortunate to be able to stop in and get a lesson with the owner every week when I started playing I played for a few years in my 30s and was down to a 10 When bulging discs finished me off my advice would be work on setting up consistently to the ball grip posture & alignment are key
    If you are going to the range try to replicate real world situations ie play a course in your mind and be strict with yourself beating balls with one club is not the answer no matter how poor someone sets up and swings they will find a rhythm at the range and think they have it sussed then go to the course a few days later and canít find it you hit 14 drivers at most on the course at least 10 minutes apart

    Enjoy it I miss the game big time

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    I have clicked on this thread a few times and found it not to be what I was hoping for. Just going to put these here so I'm not so disappointed next time it happens. Sorry.

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    Thread hijacker!!

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    Well your on trend lads, was listening to the latest golf podcast on OTB, which is feckin brilliant by the way, I almost find it therapeutic to disappear to the shed for an hour and tune out/in .
    The lads were saying membership is waaay up and considering so many courses were on their knees and the bigger boys missing the yanks, it must be a blessed relief.

    Played more in the spring than I did in the previous 5 years and looking forward to getting back out in the next few weeks.

    They were saying this new handicap thing is long overdue and really good but sounds like a bit of a mind fcuk, will make it harder for the bandits which I guess is good.

    Hoping to take in carne in November if there’s a bit of weather , anyone been?

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    Carne is fantastic, just pure natural spectacular links golf!! Well worth the trip. Not the best golf course but my favourite by far.

    For anyone interested I always recommended 'Golf is not a Game of Perfect by Bob Rotella to help with the mental side of the game and help you to enjoy golf more.

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    If you want a great golf related read Bud, Sweat and Tees:Rich Beems Walk on the Wild Side.
    It won’t help with your golf but it’s brilliant.

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    @Foyler, Carne is unbelievably good, I've played many links but can't think of any that beat it for pure raw, wild golf. It's just spectacular. Played it last September for the first time. Blown away. We played Enniscrone the following day. Great weekend of golf. These photos just don't do it justice. There are 27 holes now, 9 are relatively flat and part of the old course but the other 18 are great.



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    @JPW there’s enough VW talk elsewhere, notice also the lower case ‘g’ in the thread title. I almost didn’t click on it because I thought it was another VW...

    Haven’t played in a few weeks but last time out I was killing the driver, short game was pants though, don’t play often enough to get into a decent rhythm. Putting was ok but getting an initial read on the greens was a nightmare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazg2 View Post
    @JPW thereís enough VW talk elsewhere, notice also the lower case Ďgí in the thread title. I almost didnít click on it because I thought it was another VW...
    I've been conditioned not to trust anyone else's capitalisation

    Not giving out mind you, I've partaken in too many cycling threads to have a leg to stand on.

    Sorry for the interruption!

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    Thankfully the L5 left golf courses open. I presume competitions are gone, which means my handicap is safe no more .1s and the weekly email from HowDidIDo confirming I'm sh1t. I'm on Mid term from Friday so intend playing as much as possible next week. I have a set of group classes with the club pro booked, they may fall foul of the restrictions.

    I'll pop into the local book shop and order / pick up that Bob Rowell book, I had seen it recommended before.

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