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Thread: Rally Omologato

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    Rally Omologato

    This a great bit of camera work, no words needed, just a good sound track of some nice cars and a bit of music in the back ground. A few familiar cars featured.

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    I enjoyed that, thanks. Is that Kerry?

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    That is a top class bit of work.

    Obviously a lot of work and prep went into shooting that,did you do the filming?
    Where was it shot,stunning scenery.

    Great variety of cars,obviously a lot of rally icons in Ireland.Are all those cars local.
    Would have loved to have seen a bit more of the newer Spec C Impreza,was it an RA-R?

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    Yeah roads in Kerry, some parts if famous stages from Circuit if Ireland and Rally of the Lakes.

    Had no part in filming or editing, just thought I'd share it here. I'd say all the cars would be fairly local to the South West.

    Two cars that I thought would have been featured are the Peugeot 205Gti and Ford Sierra Cosworth

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    Last Saturday was.....special. No two ways about. Great cars, the best road in the country and literally dream weather to get out for a spin. Ya, it meant getting out of bed at 4.30am, but coming up over the top of the Healy Pass and seeing the sunrise made it all worthwhile. This stemmed from a notion that myself and Maurice (of this Parish) had one evening, and to see it actually come off, and be captured soo beautifully, is something else. Ross properly nailed the video. Plan had been to get 8 to 10 cars, we ended up at 25!

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    That is excellent, very well done. Did I spy an Alpine 110 around 2:20? Love the sound of those beamers at the start. Is the 2nd tune The War on Drugs?

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    That's fantastic, really well put together vid

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    Yeah you could have made it even longer to get more of the cars into it.

    Or even a few minutes with each of the cars/owners.

    Looks like a great turn out,great job to all involved.

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    Brilliantly shot and some class cars. Great work.

    Not a criticism and maybe it's just me but I wouldn't have bothered with the background music at all.

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    That is brilliant - great shoot and editing, well done everyone! And Cian, not sure we met in real life, looking at your photography on PistonHeads, you sir are an excellent 'snapper'!

    Love the Alpine in the short clip, is it based here?

    Many moons ago I was about to take a trip with a rich car collector for a spin around the Spa circuit, which was beside his home, sadly the car refused to start, he had to take his E- type instead, but at least i got to sit in one!

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