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Thread: Rally Omologato

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    That is brilliant - great shoot and editing, well done everyone! And Cian, not sure we met in real life, looking at your photography on PistonHeads, you sir are an excellent 'snapper'!

    Love the Alpine in the short clip, is it based here?

    Many moons ago I was about to take a trip with a rich car collector for a spin around the Spa circuit, which was beside his home, sadly the car refused to start, he had to take his E- type instead, but at least i got to sit in one!
    Hope you're putting that story in the book many chapters are you up to now??

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    Fantastic selection of machines on an epic road. Christ I’d love to give an E30 M3 a blast over the Tim Healy! Proper bucket list stuff there.
    Great work to all involved.

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    Credit to all involved. Great mix of cars, great scenery, and excellent footage. Nicely shot and very well put together. Great to see such machinery getting together and stretching its legs.

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    Enjoyed that video, let me know when your doing the next one and we can have the three generations of GT4 there.
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    Paddy has done a great job on the E30, his attention to detail is class

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    Great video, hope it's the beginning on more content.on those cars featured even!

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    Thanks all for the kind comments, we were very lucky with the weather and quality of cars present. Ross Delaney did a spectacular job on the vid, and the Speedhunters article with pics by him, Cian and Ruaidhri Nash and words by me will be up soon. Planning for the next event will get underway soon, it'll be next year before we can do anything of this scale again due to obvious reasons but hopefully we can get some smaller stuff done for the channel in the meantime.
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    Great footage and selection of cars , Thanks .You must have driven past my driveway ....
    I often take a drive up over the Caha and Healey pass early morning , 'tis the best time of the day .
    These were taken a couple of days before you , maybe join you next time .

    Enjoy the time you waste ......​

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    The Speedhunters article is now available

    Was jealous of you lot when I saw the video but after seeing the photos I'm extremely jealous, Mr Nash might be getting removed from the Christmas card list

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    Looks a fantastic day out!

    If it ever happens again I'd love to tag along with some sort of rally breed or whatever the theme is for the next event!

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