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Thread: New Daily Wanted - Up to 4k

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    New Daily Wanted - Up to 4k

    Hi folks,

    Myself and the OH will be returning from Australia around the middle of Nov (long story...) and looking to line up a half decent daily.

    We're planning to get a dog so I was thinking an estate/wagon might be handy while herself wants "one of those small jeeps" (i.e. Pajero Junior, Suzuki Jimny etc). A decent hatch might also do the job.

    Something interesting and good to drive would be great but definitely want something that's NCTd, reliable and not too hard to tax/insure/run etc. Age doesn't really matter but would prefer a better spec rather than worrying about the year.

    Would ideally like to have something lined up for when we return rather than spending time running about viewing etc. so if anyone knows of anything decent or plans to sell one of their own, please hit me up.


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    Herself is still keen on a Jimny if we happen to find a clean one...
    Anyone know what these are like in general?
    Also, a friend of a friend has a Pug 207 GT but he's a bit of a dog with cars...

    Anyone any experience with either of these? Or a Civic Type S (1.8) - we nearly bought one before but pulled out for a Focus instead

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    dunno how much dog space is in a jimny if you leave the back seats in.

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    I'd a rental Jimny a few years back, even driving normally I felt like I was going to topple over on corners. It's also very "utilitarian" to put it politely.

    Got an '06 Rav4 for my wife there recently. Very basic, but still much happier with it. Was reasonable to insure too, considering it was her first policy in her own name.

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    Would agree on the Jimny being a bit tractor like. I done about 300 miles in one earlier in the year and it wasn't the most secure place to be at any kind of speed. Found it very thirsty also considering the engine size. I think if its a second car it might not be too bad but everyday would be tiring and at times scary.

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    A Vitara would probably be a better option for a small SUV as a daily.

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    A 2006+ RAV might be a good call, they seem to be gentle on the insurance and very reliable. The Civic would be a good choice also, although Type S would be 3 door, if that matters. Plenty of space in the back with seats folded down, whether 3 or 5 door. The 1.8 is very easy on petrol and at least a little bit entertaining when you give it a stir. Reliable, even if the plastics seem a bit fragile

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    This doesn't meet your brief completely but we have a 2008 1.8 Mazda 6 hatch for sale. I'm currently using it while my car is in the garage so haven't been in any rush to sell. As the NCT is due to expire in January (only tested a couple of months ago) I will put though the NCT again. This will mean NCT until Jan '21.

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    God I hate myself for suggesting this but really don't believe the anti hype

    A first gen Prius will do all of that work, the hatch area will house a medium dag easily, a big one lying down. It'll do 40-50 mpg and they actually drive very nicely/ Uber comfortable compared to most small jeep thingies. Even the jbl stereo system sounds great

    We picked up one for my commute for small money
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    I've a 2007 2.0tdi a4 Quattro estate coming up for sale soon if it's of interest?

    Its a high spec car and most of the expensive stuff has already broken and been sorted. Its doing 500miles a week at the moment, with mileage creeping up to 228k. I've owned it for the last 100k miles and haven't scrimped on the maintenance.

    I'll be putting it up at 2500 with a fresh NCT on 13th November.
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