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Thread: Positive things you achieved/changed during the pandemic?

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    Positive things you achieved/changed during the pandemic?

    I suppose as some light relief from the misery of the pandemic, just wondering what has changed for people for the better? Specifically, anything you set out with determination to do, whether you achieved it or not?

    For myself, around 10 years ago I bought a piano, but life, a series of young kids and all that meant I took about 5 lessons and then it lay gathering dust ever since. Back in March as I was WFH I set about rectifying that and have achieved a huge amount in the six months or so since. During that time, my knowledge of music theory has gone up massively, I have come along big time in sight reading, have a fair degree of finger and hand independence and am working on technique. I am aware of the pitfalls of doing this without a teacher and working off YouTube tutorials etc but it gives me a massive amount of satisfaction. I can still usually only get 1 hour max per day of practice but can make some half decent sounds. I can play the first movement of Beethovens moonlight Sonata very well at good tempo and dynamics, I can make Chopins Raindrop Prelude sound half decent (I think this is grade 7 and way above my level and Iím sure a pianist would think Iím butchering it but it sounds good to me!). I have a variety of stuff on the go to the point where someone who doesnít play would think ďoh, he can play the pianoĒ, and I could really do with some direction from a proper teacher but thatís not possible right now and its some sort of skill I can say I have definitely acquired during the down time.

    Secondly, I used to be quite an avid golfer but quit about 15 years ago for much the same reasons. Was a 14 handicap at the time (and dropping every week, probably playing off a 9-10 standard). Rejoined club last year and my first 3 disaster cards got me a new handicap of 21. This went out to 22 and this year when the pandemic hit I resolved to get back to where I was before. Hit a purple patch mid year with a good coach and got This dropped to 17. Am playing well within my old capabilities at 14 but wont play enough competitions I think to get this reflected in the official handicap but there you go. Iím happy with where my game is at, the official recognition will follow.

    On the negative side, like others Iíve been struggling with the fitness and had great plans but I need a knee replacement which unfortunately has got canned due to the circumstances. Still, as a great man once said, 2 out of 3 ainít bad!

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    Its been pretty productive all things considered. Got cracking on my thesis in earnest just as lockdown began, ended up with a 1.1 in my masters. Started doing some Irish lessons every day for a few months, switched back to polishing up my German for the last month or two which went well too. Just started a postgrad cert bout three weeks back so thats knocked the language lessons on the head for a while.

    Also managed to paint every room in the house, which went down well with herself, and bought a circular saw and saved a few quid and build my own units in my living room.

    Also got round to doing my mams garden for her - went a bit wild after my dad died a few years back. More elbow grease required than anything else, but was happy with the end result.

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    the Golf is a funny one...Same here about 2007 was my last round of Golf.... Played off mid teens... then as usual kids and motor sport got in the way. I could take a day doing motor sport or golf.... well golf lost out... But mid summer I got a coach and am back playing and enjoying it immensely. The handycap will be where it'll be Im ok either way...

    I also have done massive amounts of work in the house. after 15 years of very little done when kids are wrecking the gaf I wasnt bothered.....

    So yea Golf and house decorating.... and all my cars are fixed to a boring level.....

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    Finished my English wheel in the shed (well bar painting it)
    Started building a cafe racer
    Got back doing a lot more road cycling & lost a few kg's (but not enough!)
    Got back into a little bit of mountain biking also - gave me the realisation of how lucky I am to live in a beautiful spot such as Killarney. Took the National Park for granted when I was young.
    Drank too much wine though But have been trying out a dry month in Sept. which I've decided to extend into Oct.
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    That's impressive handiwork kdevitt!!!

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    I'm as busy as a very busy fool, This year I havent increased or decreased my obscene level of "doing " So I'm just trying to carry on regardless and have lots to be thankful for. I splashed out on a full suss MTB and have been gradually going further away from the house, trying to build up my fitness.
    One definite change which may not get used as much as we would like due to travel restrictions is our Motorhome purchase. We had been threatening and window shopping for a few years but with Air travel mostly gone for the foreseeable it seemed like the right thing to do. We have had some weekends away allready and they have been amazing.
    My 335d race car is close to track ready and my E28 is stripped and off having work done. Managed to strip and repaint nearly all of the running gear over lock down,
    Built another extension on my house which is almost finshed, another lock down might help to get that wrapped up. My Ford puma is now event ready and hoping for gravel at christmas time.
    Other than that, kids are fine, One is working and the other in school, wife happy in a new role started this week. Lots to be thankful for given the mad world we are living in.

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    Restored about 7 vintage racers, including a full set of Raleigh Team replicas...

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    ....and painted most of the house!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloke View Post
    That's impressive handiwork kdevitt!!!
    Danke schoen!

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    Sadly (?) for me I haven't gotten much of my own stuff done as we were one of the few businesses who got busier due to C19, so I had less spare time tbh.
    But I did manage to get my 16v Rally Ka out of storage and got it running and a lot closer to getting competition ready.

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