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Thread: Soft top repair

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    Soft top repair

    The s2000 soft top split today along one seam. anyone know someone Dublin are based that can repair it?
    I don't want to glue it myself, as it rarely looks right. A new roof from the UK posted is 700 sterling and would take a days fitting here.

    So a repair is preferable.

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    would you not contact a general seamstress or furniture upholster, would be handy job from someone familiar whit a sowing needle

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    There is a crowd based in Airside I think, Trimtech. Often heard them advertised on the radio, I'm sure I read good reviews somewhere about them too. Just can't find it.

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    Found this thread... don’t click the link for Nolans though, weird...
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    Thanks lads

    Nolan's ain't doing roofs anymore

    The roof fabric is degrading if it's spliting at the seams and in removing it, experts have all said it will fall to bits

    I've reached out on the owners forum and a few classic car ones & Carl conlon in Cookstown is apparently the man to speak to. So I'm off to see him this week

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    See Carl Conlon on FB with an address in Belgard area. Excellent work

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