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Thread: Question re: VRT on an original Irish car and original reg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ming View Post
    Years ago I exported the F430 and got a VRT refund. To cut a long story short they gave me a miserable valuation so I appealed and they gave me a bit more so I accepted it rather than be a nuisance/target for the Revenue. I got a letter saying I was due I don't know I think another €6,000. That was August. September I sent two emails and made a phone call. Nothing. October I sent six emails and a letter and made two phone calls. November 9 emails a letter and 3 phone calls. Nothing. I was busy in work so forgot about it till January. 4 emails a letter and 2 phone calls. Nothing.

    In February I sent one email which was along the lines of I now don't want to hear from you, I am sending a copy of the 40 or whatever emails and 6 letters you have not responded to together with a list of the phone calls to the Chairman of the Revenue Commissioner to ask him to answer.

    I got a phone call apologising for the delay and the cheque the next day.

    Bunch of assholes. I have other similar Revenue stories.
    Wonder if it was the other way round would you get away with not answering Revenue if they were after you....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan View Post
    Wonder if it was the other way round would you get away with not answering Revenue if they were after you....
    No, the ba$tards are after me for 2015 medical expense receipts. I provide them by X date or they charge me additional tax, interest and penalties. Naturally I don't have them so the assumption is that I fraudulently claimed medical expenses so they get to charge me penalties and 5 years' interest, effectively doubling whatever I claimed. Ba$tards. I fu[king hate them with a passion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsfitzy View Post
    is it?
    Ask Morgan Cars up North. They have just put through a VRT rebate

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    My last m3 was imported from the UK on Irish plates , I exported it when I moved to NI, claimed the rebate then Reimported it later and it got a new reg. (after a few months since the revenue system didn't like that)

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