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Thread: Project Rizky Bizcuitz - Honda CRZ

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    Smile Project Rizky Bizcuitz - Honda CRZ

    I almost pulled the trigger on a BMW i3 from the UK about a week ago. It was 20k, and after mulling it over all day, decided it was stretching the finances too much and I hate the idea of getting a car loan. Back to the drawing board so. The problem is that not many cars interest me these days. Outside the i3, the only other car that I wanted was a GT86/BRZ, but they are still too expensive.

    Something left-field grabbed my attention at a local second hand dealer, so I took a test drive. While it drove perfectly, there was a couple of issues, and some rust starting in places, so decided not to proceed. It did put me on the road to finding one though. Not many for sale in Ireland, and the ones that are for sale are either automatic (doesn't suit it) or overpriced. Soooo....

    ...I just bought a car sight-unseen from the UK . Didn't even get someone to check it out for me. I'm not collecting it either, it'll be transported to Ireland where I'll first time (in about a week I think). Relied solely on WhatsApp chats and video calls.

    Will a ball of sh1te appear on the doorstep, or have I nabbed a good un? Follow me on the adventure...

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    Wicked! Buying unseen is a very nerve wracking experience! Im just midway through that with a German car.

    Interested to see whats leftfield of an i3 and a GT86

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    I'll give you a hint. It's Japanese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dabofoppo View Post
    I'll give you a hint. It's Japanese.
    Congrats on the new Prius.
    Don't bother with Eco, it's not very nice, leave it in normal & drive it like you just stole it.

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    mitsubishi colt CZT

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    I'm standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused

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    @the drifter - done the prius thing. Great at what it does, but not what I'm after right now.
    @Tango - I've owned a Smart ForFour Brabus, which is basically a Colt CZT, but better.
    @Bazg2 - you win a gold star!

    And of course, a CRZ appears on Donedeal today, in Dublin, with a manual, and cheaper than I bought mine... no regrets though. Mine has some extras added, has full service history, owned by an enthusiast, and is a super rare colour (apparently only 2 in the UK/Ireland in this colour).

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    CRZ - RiZky BizcuitZ.. clue was in the title

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    Best of luck with it, by all accounts they're a good steer, is it the facelift?
    I'm standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused

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    No such thing as a facelift in UK (or Europe as far as I know). They stopped selling them here in 2013. The US got a facelift from 2014 and it sold for a couple of more years there. The facelift has a cool boost button on the steering wheel to give you a shot of electric power for a few seconds. I did see ONE car that had that steering wheel in the UK, so maybe it was a press car or something - would be cool, but that car cost double what I paid, so not worth that much.

    Mine is a 2011 one.

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