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Thread: Conflict in the time of Coronavirus

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    Conflict in the time of Coronavirus

    I’m cynically not amazed at how much it is BAU in the world of Geopolitics and international skullduggery even during this time. Right now, in no particular order and not even in order of importance we have:

    1. India/China at the Tibetan border

    China deploying 1000 troops and APCs being caught out by India who deployed some hitherto secret Tibetan defector based special forces on the high ground (one of whom was “martyred”, an expression borrowed from the islamofascists, in a land mine explosion) after that high mountain brawl recently where 21 Indian troops were beaten to death or thrown off a mountain by Chinese troops who apparently turned up with clubs decorated with barbed wire because of a no guns protocol (huh?) and in which China also suffered an unknown number of casualties.

    2. India / Pakistan and Kashmir

    As always

    3. Libya

    Where a mad coalition of Russia and Syria and I think Egypt supports one side and the Russians have deployed the semi official little green men mafia and front line stuff like Pantsir anti aircraft batteries and ground attack aircraft without the red star and Turkey and the UAE and the UN supports another and the Turkish drones have kicked the ass out of the Russian anti aircraft batteries like they did in Syria (I may have the sides wrong).

    4. Taiwan

    Where the Chinese keep ratcheting up the tension. And the US keeps sending warships to test their resolve.

    5. South China Sea islands

    Where the Chinese have declared a nine line of control based on mythology and ignored a binding international arbitration and built air bases and stuff on islands made of sand and the US and everyone else keeps sending ships on FONOPS* missions (look it up). And the Vietnamese have just been supplied with some state of the art iPhone 12 level rocket artillery to target the Chinese islands as they are still smarting about the last encounter when the Chinese basically ganged up on and killed a bunch of sailors.

    6. The Baltic

    Tons of stuff can go wrong here with aggressive air patrols etc from both sides.

    7. Japan some islands whose name I forget

    The Chinese keep making the Japs scramble jets (oh yeah, I remember, its the Senkoko islands) and the Japs have changed their posture based on a constitution which said defence only to we can attack too and are tooling up with hi tech stuff to confront the Chinese, who currently have a bigger navy than the US one and are being assertive like.

    8. Ukraine/Eastern Europe

    This has not gone away.

    9. The Middle East

    Iran/Syria/Israel - a real shooting war where the Israelis will blow the hell out of everything if they fear the Iranians actually getting a nuke (from an ex Soviet arms dump maybe?) and Yemen/Saudi Arabia which is having a Vietnam time and where the UAE seems to think its a good idea to get involved in Libya.

    10. Africa

    The Sahel? Nigeria? Sudan? Somalia? Take your pick.

    11. Space

    The new US Space Force is getting up to speed and the Chinese are testing anti satellite weapons. Not that others aren’t.

    12. The war against terror.

    Otherwise known as Operation Enduring Blowthembacktothestoneage. Pretty much everywhere. And the deep seething hatred and anger in the Islamic world at its treatment by the West (perceived or real) has not gone away.

    I’m not down on the Chinese or anyone and I consume mostly Western media but I observe that China having lots of money to spend on ballistic missiles and amphibious ships and stealth fighters and bombers is not a stabilising thing (particularly for Taiwan), but it occurred to me that, if anyone had asked me ten years ago, hundreds of years after the Crimean War, principally remembered because of Alfred Lord Tennyson, if I was concerned that there would be Russian aggression there I would have said- eh why?

    What is it that is going on? We are much more unstable than ten years ago when we need pulling together most. I speculate that the next detonation of a nuke is closer than the last.

    * thanks for correction.

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    On the other hand, I'm quite surprised more governments haven't capitalised on the instability and folks looking the other way to ramp up their nefarious deeds. A few carpet bombing here and there could go widely unnoticed whilst folks are busy focusing on the 2 metre gap between themselves and Miriam down Tescos...

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    What, no mention of Kim the young one? There’s always a war going on, Putin’s been scrambling jets across Europe just taking the piss for years now. He’s also quite “friendly” with China, for good reason of course.

    All the more reason to keep that prancing horse fed and watered, ye just never know
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazg2 View Post
    What, no mention of Kim the young one? There’s always a war going on, Putin’s been scrambling jets across Europe just taking the piss for years now. He’s also quite “friendly” with China, for good reason of course.

    All the more reason to keep that prancing horse fed and watered, ye just never know
    Damn. I knew I’d forgotten one of them. The point is you lose count. And yeah that one could go wrong at any time.

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    Isn't NK supposed to be firing a submarine-based nuclear missile any day now to mess with the US election and get everyone in California to vote for Trump?
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    Dont forget Trump Vs Biden, that could get nasty.

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    But isn't there supposed to be something wrong with Lil' Kim?

    I know before anyone says it...Yes there is obviously something wrong with Kim Jung Un in the mental
    department but he hasn't been seen for months now I think.
    There is talk that he is ill or has some medical condition.

    I wonder if they would be able to fly him out of the country if he needed specialist help?
    Or would that be breaking some sort of embargo, I'm sure they wouldn't turn him away in Beijing if he
    was left at the door of one of their hospitals in the middle of the night.

    If he suddenly appears on telly looking slim and trim, that will probably be a good indication
    that he hasn't been feeling the best.
    Or else like everyone else during lockdown he has decided to hit the weights and get a six pack.

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    Don't know if the head banger in Belarus is another one for your list but he only seems to want to
    go to war with his own people.

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    Add Belarus to the list as current dictator is pulling his weight amidst the crisis, rigging elections and snatching opposition leaders from the streets Putin style...

    I hate this world.
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    For anyone curious about the south china sea, google FONOPs not FONOS

    And Kim is fine, he was out and about in a new outfit the other day.

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