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Thread: Cars & Coffee Sunday August 2nd 2020

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    Watch out for the traffic lights - they're putting a roundabout at the entrance to the business park...and have temp traffic lights and one lane only'll be a shock to some!

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    There’s a good crowd here. Great cars!
    Beware of imitations; there's another lawyer out there calling himself "Lucanlaw!" So the writing on the wall may be a forgery!

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    Kudos to the legend that paid VRT on a Murcielago SV! Loads of cars there today, some really nice ones too.

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    Very busy today and a lot of very nice machinery

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    That red Golf R sounded sh1te while waiting to perform his standing start! Just sounded like he’d a miss in the engine

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    Only took a few snaps with the phone

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    That 205 GTI is amazing.

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    Some really cool cars there today but it was too packed.

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    Very restrictive for the amount of cars. Took some of the relaxed atmosphere away.

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    Thank you to everyone for turning up. It was a huge turnout. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding on the car park area in front of Ventilux, and we did not get the keys in time, but that should be sorted from here on.
    Still a nice way to spend a Sunday morning I'm sure you will agree.
    Please feel free to post any pics you may have.
    Thanks everyone.

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