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Thread: Itcc??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennwagen View Post
    ITCC has been in decline since I left.
    I was the main attraction, a serious talent.
    Since you left a dozen panel beaters had to go on the dole as the work dried up !!
    Bring smasher back

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMontana View Post
    Since you left a dozen panel beaters had to go on the dole as the work dried up !!
    Bring smasher back
    I'll be burning green D soon I promise.

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    well thats that sorted then

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    Quote Originally Posted by philb View Post
    well thats that sorted then
    Where is your trophy Champ? I'd say she through it in the shed?? LOL

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    Firstly, isn't it great to be back racing. The biggest grids were the Vees with 24 (they had 10 at the first Mondello last year), Zetec had 18, BOSS with 16, ST with 14, Legends with 12. The Future Classics only having 9 surprised me, as they have always had really strong grids. The barrier time concept causes a lot of discussion, especially when cars are thought to be capable of breaking it, but they have proved over the last number of years that the concept works. Ginetta grids have been small for a few years now, even though the cars are not dear and are apparently cheaper to run than some classes of karting. As for ITCC, I think we will see a few more next time and if one rally man joined in, there is no reason to say more won't follow his lead.

    There are two more Strykers, three or four more STs, and a few more Zetecs due out for the next meeting, which is pretty good considering these odd times we are living in. Onwards and upwards.

    MICK- great to hear you took the plunge and got the licence. When is the debut, and who is going to cook sausages at BOAC going forward?!
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