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Thread: Pajero Maxi

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    Pajero Maxi

    So haven't bought a car in a while, like ages so even just to scratch an itch I've been working my way through DoneDeal and Adverts for anything in the sub €1,000 category to see what's worth picking up.

    I already have an MR2, an E38 and an R53 Mini so wondering what else would compliment them well I decided looking at something a bit different. Some of my ideas have been a bit out there, a '00 Espace was a serious runner until Autoline told me it's not actually a classic.
    Then I started down the road of something with 4wd, I'm planning to move down the sticks later in the year so would help if it snowed. Thought I was onto an absolute winner when I came across a 00 Subaru Forester with fresh NCT (pending lift inspection) for 500 euro but again apparently it's not a classic.
    Then I started down the road of Toyota Lucida because I found one but then I found the crash test (

    Long story long I actually started looking at Pajero's which led onto Pajero Sports. Had one before and loved it and I'll worry about insurance at a later stage. The funny thing is that there are so many commercials around and absolutely fook all passenger and I wanted a passenger one, preferably with leather even though I think I actually prefer fabric. It got so bad I actually started looking in the UK where there were loads of Shogun Sports with seats although the new Nox tax made a mess of getting in a 2.5TD and the 3.0 Petrol V6's were all automatics and the ongoing tax would be a nightmare so they weren't runners.
    The mission really was to find one cheap...and finally I did!

    So came across an ad for a Pajero Sport 2005, 600 euro and although the pics looked great it mentioned that the timing belt had let loose on it.
    Rang the owner and found out where it was so spun out for a look, it was parked up in a yard and quickly realised the pics from the ad were from a while ago as it sat with flat tyres covered in moss, the headlights now yellowed over and with a quick glance underneath there was a fair bit of rust. I decided to abandon it and went home a bit dejected.

    At the time I was bet into Goonzquad's Track Hawk project, and also being in jeep form and in a similar colour the idea of it kept nagging at me. I dunno just something about the poor jeep sat abandoned destined for the breakers didn't sit well with me. That and my over confidence in my mechanical abilities had me talking about it with the missus. Surely if Goonzquad could restore a rolled over destroyed shell I could handle a little pajero project...

    Last Saturday it was my birthday and half eight on my birthday's eve my missus dragged me outside to this beautiful yet anxious view

    I'd a quick look around it but left it for the night due to other commitments but was up bright and early to appreciate maybe the best birthday present I ever got!

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    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
    I suppose if you want to go out like a man there is no better option" -hi-rev

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    I'd dismissed the car fairly quick when I went for a viewing so hadn't given it a proper once over so there were a number of things to check over before knowing whether it was destined for my closest scrap yard. First was the interior, seats all look ok but really hard to tell, this thing was a work horse and it had become a time capsule from the instant the belt had eaten itself

    Yes that is a nappie

    On a positive note there's some fresh-ish brake discs in the boot and it definitely needs them, bit of surface rust but reckon a quick skim would have them useable

    So it needed a good clean, something I'd be tackling with a full on mask and gloves.
    One of the other things I started to notice is that some kids had got creative and picasso'd up the entire interior

    Hard to see in the pic but there's basically crayon all over the door, the passenger airbag, the other doors and the headliner

    The body actually looked like it got a wipe down before being dropped over as alot of the crud had left it, although maybe it was just exaggerated by the fact the moss was sorta growing around and up the jeep where it had sat.

    Was trying to figure out what the deal was with the rear smashed light but actually found rocks sat in the casing so was obviously used as target practice at some stage

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    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
    I suppose if you want to go out like a man there is no better option" -hi-rev

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    First thing's first was to make the whole thing safe to sit in, and that meant stripping out the interior and spending a few hours cleaning everything down.

    It took a while but stripping the interior was a good idea as it really meant I got it super incredibly clean, all the crayon came off aswell so it was already looking way better than it'd first arrived.

    Next step was to climb underneath the body and see how bad the rust really was

    It really isn't that bad, what's interesting is that the sideboards are absolutely rusted through which is what I'd seen initially but the chassis itself just has decent surface rust. It's an irish car so was surprised at this but I've checked all through it and really a good wire brushing and a like of black paint will have the underside looking good again. Pleasant enough thing to tackle some sunny day with some choons on aswell.

    Here's probably the worst of the rust

    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
    I suppose if you want to go out like a man there is no better option" -hi-rev

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    Something "interesting I came across happened when I was removing the carpet. Under the drivers seat is the fuel cap opening lever and I sorta tripped it as I pulled the carpet out the door. With the flap open it dawned on me to check the filler for rust as although it should be fine is definitely somewhere it can develop.

    What I saw when I opened the flap had my jaw on the floor

    Yes that is a fuel filler, sans cap with the neck completely full of stones. Obviously the kids had wrapped up their crayons, finished inserting money down the back of the dash (mad about a 5er with penny pusher style drops as I pulled the dash apart) and chucking stones at the rear lights so decided to fill the tank full of gravel.

    There's a couple of things I'm noticing on this car, especially when compared to the E38 I have, it's really made to be worked on. Anything on the BMW requires an hour or hours of delicately removing hidden screws and fixtures to even start working on basic repairs but with the pajero it's almost as if they expect you to need to spanner away so sacrifice hidden screws for easy access.

    I'd hoped that the filler has some form of mesh somewhere along its length to stop debris entering the tank so first job was to whip that off.
    I didn't even have to lift it up or remove any wheels to gain access, there's a separate plastic panel in the rear left wheel arch and 3 mins later it was off and one hell of a rusty filler tube uncovered.

    Again it was easy to remove and thankfully I found the yellow flaps bulging under the weight of the rocks. The rubber tube had some dust in it but banging on the tank there didn't seem to be anything of worth in there. Another great thing with the Pajero is that the fuel tank has a drain on it so drained out some fuel and it was perfectly clear.

    Emptying it was an easy task

    Before it was wire brushed and refitted

    Reckon I'm going to leave it as is for first start and then take it from there, given it starting is obviously still up in the air
    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
    I suppose if you want to go out like a man there is no better option" -hi-rev

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    And why would it be up in the air of course, well because the engine could well and truly of eaten itself due to that timing belt issue.
    Originally I'd planned to get the head rebuilt or just pick up a used on or even just a whole block and that may still be necessary but for now I'd some investigating to do.

    One thing that's interesting is that it seems Mitsubishi in their wisdom made the cam followers/rocker purposely weak so in the case of a timing belt going it would hopefully snap the rockers instead of bending valves.

    First step was to whip off the rocker cover and cross my fingers for some demolition

    In case you can't make it out, all the exhaust valves are snapped although I'm a bit concerned at how bad the first cylider is as that got decimated. Using a borescope in the gloplug hole the piston itself doesn't look great compared to the other three (looks pitted etc). Was thinking of pulling the head but in true YouTube style I'm just going to try send her and see what happens.

    With the crank pulley off (using the breaker bar on the chassis rail trick) we can survey the damage, the belt's still on their but the teeth aren't, both it and the balance shaft belts look desperate.

    Parts arrived today but on swapping in the rollers the new ones didn't come with tappets and one of them is broken so I'll need to get a replacement in the post.

    Oh and while I was cranking the starter over I got the dash up and the mileage is 146k miles which isn't too bad for one of these, it was a pure lottery and before turning it on I was thinking 150k is fine 200k will do but over that I'd be concerned, so really came out as good as it could have for me
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    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
    I suppose if you want to go out like a man there is no better option" -hi-rev

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    Love this, looking forward to the rest

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    Brave man ! More power to you !
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    Marry that woman again, kudos!
    I'm standing in a field full of sheep, is it wrong that I feel aroused

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    Nice Project, enjoy it.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    I'm hoping to join you starting next week, as I intend to start doing the chassis on mine over the coming months.

    If you want Pajero inspiration, lookup the Driftworks Youtube channel and see what the chap from DynoTorque is doing to his - A 7 speed twin turbo LS conversion.
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