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Thread: Pajero Maxi

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    With that all done (without having to lift the jeep at all) I gave it a quick start to bring it through another heat cycle.
    Bit slow to start and low and behold the check engine light was back...

    Scanned the code and it was the usual Error 41 Throttle Valve Solenoid which pointed to the EGR solenoids / vacuum set up on the top of the valve cover.
    As before I'd replaced one bad hose but obviously that didn't sort it, I'd done some digging and it said there could be a multitude of causes but the solenoid pack seems to be suspiciously readily available all over the place. So Mitshi dealers, OEM parts on Ebay, spurious parts on ebay and then on for a tenner.
    That almost always means that they go regularly so could be worth changing.

    Knowing they're simple vacuum solenoids I whipped them off so I could bench test them. I used a spare clean (red) vacuum hose on the input and blew into the first brown solenoid. There was alot of resistance although the blocked pipe to the rear seemed to be letting some air out so I used that plumbers tape and blocked it off completely, this time nothing got out. Hooked up the bench power supply to the two pins and as I raised the voltage passed 6v there was a clip and I could then blow through it cleanly. Thumbs up for this one.

    For the black solenoid I did the blow test and air was escaping freely out the back connector straight past the blanking cap. More plumbers tape and it was sealed up again. Popped on the connections to the power supply and ramped up to 6v, 7v, 8v, still blowing and getting nowhere, 10, 11,12,14v all went by and absolutely nothing so looked like the solenoid was dead.

    Now I was in a predicament, the issue was causing havoc with the EGR which I assume affects emissions, it also lights the CEL so can't imagine that's a good position to be in from an NCT point of view. First option was to suck it and see.
    Second option was to attempt a repair of the solenoid mcguyver style so out came the Dremel.

    It actually came apart fairly easily, the operation is simple, the two pins basically act as an electro magnet and once it's power a metal slider moves forward allowing the vacuum to pass by completing the circuit from inlet to outlet.

    it looks like the 12v input wasn't getting to the coil so I dremelled through to see if I could find the break. It's really just plasticly glued together so was never going to work but fook it nothing to lose. The problem is that I now need a very specific part for a very specific model for a very particular test at 9am on Monday morning.

    It's now 6:30pm on a Saturday and I'm not sure what to do, just know that I'll be able to get it sorted somehow.
    Thankfully I've been stalking Pajero type ads for the last few weeks and thought I'd seen a set on Adverts, true enough I had and so I pinged an offer asking if I could collect tomorrow. Seller was straight back and 15 mins later I was in the car on my way to collect the solenoid pack.

    A couple hours later and after bench testing the new parts they were swapped in about 10 mins (getting very quick at disassembling the engine bay) and hoses all replumbed. Engine fired right up sans any warning lights, great to see the EGR valve moving in and out as expected and now just about almost sure the problems actually solved

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    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
    I suppose if you want to go out like a man there is no better option" -hi-rev

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    Oh and extra bonus, was cleaning the front garden during the week and found the door switch spring that went missing a couple of pages ago

    Must've been some ba-doing to make it out the garage and onto the driveway!

    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
    I suppose if you want to go out like a man there is no better option" -hi-rev

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    Great work done, really interesting thread and love your approach to it. Keep er Lit!

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    Tinkering with all this smol stuff is like sweet nectar for the soul! Accomplishment level = high.

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    Great work!
    Older but no wiser.

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    Great work Turlock. The very best of luck with your test
    Monday too

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    If your haven't named it yet.... I christen it Lazarus

    Excellent work and thanks for updating the thread

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    haha I love Lazarus, to be fair I was trying to explain the Pajero Maxi name to my missus (we'd a Pajero Junior before and Pajero Adult/Senior sounds stupid) but she just came back saying all she could think was Pad

    Retro when you say about the small stuff it's so true, it's the tinkering without having to worry about spending hours doing stuff that's class. A few bangin' choons on and just going through some straightforward jobs is so rewarding

    @pd16v cheers for the comments, I went through your thread the other day for the first time and sort of jealous by how much bigger your project is but then I'm sorta glad this is a bit more straight forward

    So have the test tomorrow morning so I'll let ye's know how it gets on, got the last few bits sorted today which were all small things. Only thing I was really concerned with in the end was the dodgy reverse light switch and the side runners, they're crusty and way worse than anything else on the jeep.

    The reverse light switch is freeing up with use, it works about 30% of the time (up from about 5%) and it always works if you really pull the lever into gear (and sorta hold weight on it). I'm just sorta hoping it just works when he tests it or it's only a quick test or fook it if it fails on it it's only a visual anyway. The switch is on top of the gearbox so a pig to get to (think you'd to lower the box) so sure we'll see what happens.

    For the side runners I decided that my best bet was to wire brush them down to get rid of any bits that might fall off, at least they might look bad but given they're not structural it might be let go. To say the wire wheel destroyed them is an understatement. Like every poke or run of the brush they literally exploded into dust

    So then I had a winner idea..

    Can't test what's not there so leaving them in the garage tomorrow

    To be fair when I say crusty...I...mean...crusty.

    I'm sure it'd be awkward for Mr NCT to try pass a car that literally leaves bags worth of rust after a few simple pokes so hopefully this arrangement suits both him and me.

    Update tomorrow after the test!
    "750 hp, on a car that i presume still has leaf springs and no seatbelts?
    I suppose if you want to go out like a man there is no better option" -hi-rev

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    Good luck with the test, routing for Lazarus.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    Best of luck!

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