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Thread: Refreshing our family wagon. BMW F31 340i MSport

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    Refreshing our family wagon. BMW F31 340i MSport

    These shapes are becoming a little popular on here I think! As a one child one dog family it should suffice for us. Our previous VRS combi moved on after 9 years of reliable ownership. So the next choice in family car had a very tough act to follow. It was quite hard not to go out and get newer VRS to be fair. But I felt like a change and this pack/spec helped my decision. A decision that has to survive the test of time and tick all the sensible car options. Im a massive fan of estate cars in general and this is a special one to us, I can only in my mind compare it in my car history to our Legnum VR4.

    I have spent the last 6 months reading up, reading down, reading inside out, test driving them, agonising over them, convincing myself, de convincing myself and just a general merry go round of petrol head inner thoughts. Every time i flew into the UK for work I tried to hook up a test drive if there was a dealership near my location. That happened twice and only once with a Touring as they are thin on the ground to say the least in this spec. I tried a saloon and it just didn't tick at all with me, id rather go back to a Combi VRs than a saloon. @kingers thread was a great help regards size and his thoughts on his F31 in general.

    Last week it was a 'sod it' moment, life is too short. Havent had a new family car in 9 years, wanted something nicer to rock around in.
    So here I am, I pick mine up tomorrow, and slightly excited to say the least. Finally rid this household of diesel We don't do big miles so diesel never made sense, I think i clocked 70k on Octavia in 9 years.

    2016 F31 340i M-Sport Auto Touring in Estoril Blue. 39k miles. Still under extended BMW warranty with full BMWSH

    and here it is, the magic, the cause of all the deliberating, yep the B58. Complete with factory MPPSK pack. As factory close as your going to get to an M3 Touring.

    Needs a good clean which I cant wait to do, M-Sport Lip and rear diffuser to add aswell. Some coding to get it to my wish list and off we go.
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    Open diff or LOLSD?

    Y'know, cos making the kids sick doing rings is important in a family truckster.

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    Beautiful! Dream machine!

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    Looks lovely, spec list would be nice too. Tempted by an *estate myself as the family car, have a Leon Cupra ST in mind atm.
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    Lovely car and spec, wear well

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    My initial thoughts were "that's lovely, I hope it's a 320i and not a 320d" and then I scrolled down and saw the twin pipes. Kudos for bringing in such a cool car.

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    Oh my

    The fast petrol estate. I have to say, it's a dream of mine to break away from diesel too and into the new world of petrols and hybrids. Hopefully next time around, maybe the time after that. Some of this new work-from-home craic sticking around permanently would help.

    Well wear miller.

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    I was drearily flicking through the thread until I saw it wasn't diesel! - Fantastic choice. Well done that man.

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    Brilliant! A TT 3.0 V6 - 320BHP seems fairly modest from that configuration actually - It can probably be tuned like mad?
    EDIT - I didn't know about the MPPSK:
    So this has 355BHP? That's a nice number.

    The interiors of these really do it for me too - very classy. Enjoy!
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