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Thread: Help spec new electric bike.

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    Off the top of my head: has a load of content. is pretty good too.
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    The UK lads said they're buying the upgrade software and hardware from Germany. Not sure of supplier...

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    So on the very fast and tough 102 km group ride I went on yesterday I estimate the motor (if I had an electric bike) would only have been in operation for 5 or 6% of the time because other than on the sharpest hills the speed never went below 25km/h.

    On today's 45km group ride the motor would not have kicked in at all since the sharpest climb was done at 31.2 km/h and my average speed was 32.9 km/h.

    Obviously the motor would assist in moving off from standstill but I have never run out of breath doing that.

    So then weight is key to getting a good electric road bike suitable for group rides. The Orbea I had been thinking about is a hefty 13kg whereas the Ribble SLe is only 11.5kg.

    So I have configured a Ribble on the website to my specifications -Di2, hydraulic disc brakes, carbon wheels and my own design paint job etc.

    All that's left for me to do is to click buy now on the website but I still need to do a bit more thinking on the value of it as a group ride bike.

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    Cycling club said you can feck off with your electric bike so that idea has been shot down for the group rides anyway.

    I still see some value in having one though - reckon I would do a lot more training and go distances I would be prevented from doing normally and it might be a nice bike for national and even international touring.

    Gone back to more structured training than my previous policy of taking out the heavy gravel bike and saying to myself there you go do 100km on that and everything will be fine.

    Still there has to be easier ways to beat them up the hills?

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