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Thread: Misspelled name on speeding ticket

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    Misspelled name on speeding ticket

    So a friend of mine got pulled over, 75 in a 50, fair cop, silly mistake.
    Ticket arrived, all set to pay when he noticed his name misspelled.

    Morally, he knows the right thing to do is pay up and move on, he doesn’t have major problem with it.

    BUT what’s the story, is this the technicality others are getting off with? If he wanted to go this route, what do you do? Turn up in court to contest, hire someone? Ignore, wrong name, not his problem?

    What say ye?

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    Turn up in court, they'll correct the name on the ticket, you get double the points. Personally had the same thing happen, got legal advice - then sucked it up and paid my fine!

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    Your friend eh.... pay up and move on.

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    many years ago when I was young and stupid I got badly done in Kells.... Speed dangerous driving etc.... Anyway my solicitor examined the summons noting the a spelling mistake was all it would take to have it thrown out..... like I say a long time ago and Id hope its not that easy.....

    Id pay and move on.... Unless he already has 11 points Id take a change on appealing it...

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    Yes its a bit of a risk but from my experience the prosecution have to highlight the mistake and ask the judge to correct it at the commencement of the case. Usually the judge agree's. If the prosecution omits to do this its very much up to the judge on the day as to whether he will convict or dismiss.

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    What's the ticket for? if it's just 2 points and speeding, and you (I mean, your friend), has no points, I'd probably just pay up and move on. It it's a more serious offence or you already have points, then might be worth attempting to weasel out of.
    "All the finesse of a badger." (cdiv)

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    How long do points stay on your record for now,is it 4 years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan View Post
    How long do points stay on your record for now,is it 4 years?
    3 years.

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    Thanks all. Kinda what we figured.

    It actually was a friend!

    He’s on 3 points, so this takes him to 6. I’d have a different view if it was getting closer to double digits.

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    If he is seriously contemplating not paying and getting the points, then would suggest talking to a good solicitor. Then make a call, but I would suggest that if the solicitors advice was that there is any uncertainty in winning, then would just take the points and pay the fine.

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