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Thread: Cerveza sin alcohol

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    Łomza is also very nice.

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    I was under the impression that while they all say "alcohol free" they still may contain up to .5% alcohol.

    When i have a social event to attend and i need to drive etc and want to just have a few beer like drinks to prevent the annoying why arent you drinking etc conversations, whether it be a house party or night out in those pub places we all used to frequent last year, i keep an eye out for the BrewDog options, most places will stock Nanny State

    Many a craft brewery talking advantage of the alco free beers now, its actually a longer more expensive process from what i understand to make an alco free beer

    Lots of options:
    335i #Team500

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    Alcohol-free beer ??
    ffs c'mon man - you're never going to win any V12 Ferraris online with that..

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    Has anyone found a good gluten-free-alcohol-free beer?

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    I know one thing it’ll do, sans alcohol or not and that is resurrect the much neglected ‘why am I soft in the middle ‘ thread....
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    Have had a few, favorites would be Svytury GO ( green & white can)
    Lomza 0.0
    But I like the Baltika 0, close to tasting like actual beer in a good sized bottle.

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    Brewdog punk AF is quite nice as is nanny state, but I find they tend to go flat quite quickly

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    Paulaner 0% beer is nice as it tastes like the real thing. But alcohol free gin? :-0
    We all stood around in a circle naked, thrusting our clinched fists in the air screaming "Jap Power!!"

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    Stay miles away from BECK'S ....unless you want to Fart for the next couple of days it's soooo bad

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    I have tried most of the above and if those were my only choices I'd just give up beer altogether. I honestly don't know how anyone can think any of it tastes nice. Granted, if it comes out ice cold, the first few sips can be surprising, I'm sure there's some sort of psychological actual v expectations or perceptions thing going on, a bit like those wine tests where they trick sommeliers by adding red dye to white wine, or serving them red wine chilled while blindfolded, but as it warms up its all disgusting.

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